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How many P500 storage boxes?
How many P500 storage boxes? Posted on [09/06/2019] à 03:16

Hi guys, how many 6 tray storage boxes should I buy for the call 3 and 4 packs in this p500?

Thanks, Steve

How many P500 storage boxes? Posted on [09/06/2019] à 06:47

If you don’t have any storage for SoN at all….

The SoN generic storage boxes are delivered with 2 sheets of 24 stickers covering the entire range, including the P500.

If you want to follow the proposed storage plan, you need 48 drawers, so 8 storage boxes (6×8=48). It’s based on my own storage system that allows me not to have boxes so full that you have trouble finding an option or a token. 😉 It’s comfortable. There will be a Bundle allowing you to buy 8 boxes directly.

We should be able to get everything in 5 or 6 boxes by optimizing.

If you have HoN, you can also save some space by putting the neutral and command options in order with those of HoN…

If you already have SoN storage boxes, it reduces the number of boxes you need.

If your finances allow it, think also about the future… add 1 or 2 boxes. :mrgreen:

How many P500 storage boxes? Posted on [10/06/2019] à 11:38

No, I definitely don’t need to start for SON.

I have everything so far, (including sewers coming with Stalingrad later this year.)

I just need storage boxes for mythos call 3 and 4 when I order them in the p500.

Is it 1 storage box for each of them?

How many P500 storage boxes? Posted on [10/06/2019] à 13:27


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