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[Official] HoN Core Box V2 Thread Index
[Official] HoN Core Box V2 Thread Index Posted on [12/06/2019] à 21:13

I figured it would be easier to make a sticky thread with links to the various HoN V2.0 Core Box threads, rather than trying to keep them all at the top of the list.

Note: This applies only to the new HoN core box, not the V2.x rules, which first appeared in the Compendium.

Is the V2.0 rulebook going to be updated? [link]

New US Forces: The Big Red One [link]

New German Forces: German 2nd Panzer [link]

New Card Decks [link]

Discussion on Bonus Markers [link]

Obsolete Thread on earlier draft of V2.0 units [link]

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