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Doomskorcha's Freeboterz worth it ?
Doomskorcha's Freeboterz worth it ? Posted on [16/06/2019] à 18:23


I would play the Da Dakka. But the only way for add it to the army is play the very expensive tile "Doomskorcha's Freeboterz" (160 AP).

Some of you guys have already test it ? Is cost worth it ?

Thx !

Doomskorcha's Freeboterz worth it ? Posted on [17/06/2019] à 18:54

Well… I used them only once (that big scenario at the end of the reinforcements packs where you play with 1000 points each).

I find them a tad to expensive but boy, did I have fun playing them with their Dakka Battlewagon (I added a Deff Rolla and some Ammo). They are such an iconic Ork unit that I had to use it 😀 😀 (mind you, I lost that game 😉 )

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