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Tips for 2 vs 1?
Tips for 2 vs 1? Posted on [27/08/2019] à 20:12

Hi Everyone!

I've got a 2 vs 1 battle planned for this weekend. Just a fairly simple game (not to many points) and an objective or two in the middle to capture.

Have people done a 2 vs 1 before?

Do I just double the points for the 1 player compared to the 2 players? Looking for some tips from player's who did this before 😀

Tips for 2 vs 1? Posted on [28/08/2019] à 00:02


You should try "a mort le rouge" The mission 2 of the gazette "hobart funnies".

It s a perfet mission for a 2 versus 1 battle.

I tried it last week and it was ashome (not too long, very nervous)

4 orders for GE and 2 per Commonwealth teams

Have a good time 😎

Tips for 2 vs 1? Posted on [28/08/2019] à 07:54

Crap! I dont have the funnies in my collection gehehe! But Its good to hear the 2vs1 mechanic works out! Thanks for letting me know.

Tips for 2 vs 1? Posted on [28/08/2019] à 09:20

not a problem 🙂

I 've always a B-Plan 😎

1. Campagne-Rangers-Lead-the-way-scenario-3 The scenario is called "Prenez ce foutu fort". This mission was longer than my first proposition but it was great 😆

2. Mission "Coupez" (first mission in DD pack expansion)

3. Carentan, et après (Second mission in the Easy Compagny's gazette)

4. "Coup de la panne" (Mission 4 or 5 in the Scenario HON)

Mission 1 and 4 will be more "longer" because the alone player will have lot a orders…but is it a problem ? 😆

Tips for 2 vs 1? Posted on [28/08/2019] à 10:31

There are rules for 2vs1 battles in the Compendium, check those out if you have it.

A couple of years ago, I played a game like this with my father and my two sons. It worked out really well. The 'alliance' splits up the Order Tokens, has two cards each. I can't recall how the point value works, but I'd say it's even on both sides, with the alliance splitting their value.

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