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Fan Sites Posted on [11/10/2019] à 11:44

I was wondering if anyone has found any fan sites or blog related to this game.

I am specifically looking for Imperial Guard tank profiles for use in home made games.

There has been no mention of any Imperial Guard product on the horizon and it may be years if ever that something like this gets released.

So any work or ideas on this would be of interest to me. I actually like seeing the work of other hobbyists.

The plethora of tank variations in the IG armory would make for some great units. The infantry could be based on current units available within the existing product line. But the tanks are usually unique enough to not lend themselves to this.

In some cases I think maybe a recruitment tile with upgrades might be best for some of the larger tanks. Then you could kit out your Lehman Russ to have the equipment needed to produce the variants.

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