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Shootas Posted on [13/11/2019] à 01:08

I thought I read somewhere that Ork Shootas are missing an icon? I think it was suppression or something.

Is there an official errata for the shootas token? They seem kind of lower quality than sluggas for the same cost.

Shootas Posted on [13/11/2019] à 20:50

That is the first I have heard about it. Do you have any sort of official post somewhere? You would think that sort of thing would be posted here in the forums, especially as DPG does not post much elsewhere.

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Shootas Posted on [15/11/2019] à 11:42

No, it was just a comment in a thread. Maybe on BGG. I think it was the suppression they claimed were missing.

I guess if there is nothing official they are OK. It just seems they are somewhat low powered. I still take them for story purposes but they seem to not be as good as the sluggas.

Shootas Posted on [19/11/2019] à 21:17

My friend and I house ruled our Shootas to have the Suppression ability when we played the campaign. They are really hard to justify taking otherwise. Shootas making regular attacks at Marines who should be, and usually are, in cover is a waste of the limited orders the Orks typically have.

Shootas Posted on [21/11/2019] à 21:16

Has anyone from the development team chimed in on why the decision was made to give the Sluggas the ability to suppress but not the Shootas? It just seems like a strange design choice given how you would naturally think the unit with the bigger guns would be more effective at suppressing enemy units. Just curious why this decision was made.

Shootas Posted on [22/11/2019] à 12:37

I'm not developer of this game, so I cannot give their reasons of making the weapons this way, but looking at it from the 40K background point of view, an explanation can be imagined:

Shoota propably has lower rate of fire than the slugga. The orks are notoriously bad at shooting and rely massive rates of fire to have a change of hitting anything.

So, Shootas usually fire at targets farther away, so their fire is spreading around wide area (poor ballistic skill and lower rate of fire). This is not enough to suppress the targets as not enough bullets are actually hitting close enough to make the target duck.

Sluggas fire at targets that are much closer to them (since they do not even have the capacity to fire longer range) and the rate of fire is higher than with shoota (compared to the RoF of rifles and SMG's).

Combination of higher RoF and shorter engagement ranges make the sluggas better at putting the bullets closer to the targets, making them to duck, even if the sluggas have as poor marksmanship as the shootas.

In case of simplicity, shootas do not get suppression ability even when firing closer targets (up to 4 squares).

So, I think the poor marksmanship of the orks explain why shootas cannot suppress but sluggas can.

But this is just my take on the subject. I'm curious to hear from the developers why they made this decision.

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