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HoS Aircraft Rules
HoS Aircraft Rules Posted on [06/12/2019] à 15:26

I know that the "official" rules have not been released yet, but after last nights play through, I have a few questions/suggestions:

1. When a plane is dropping a bomb, does it always hit the targeted inter-space?

2. Can ALL units with either an order token or opportunistic fire, shoot at the enemy plane? (Following the currently published rules.)

3. Can machine guns that require set-up fire at aircraft?

4. Can a plane fire it's guns along with dropping it's bomb?

Suggestions regarding the above questions:

1. When a plane is dropping a bomb it will follow these steps:

1a. Announce the targeted inter-space.

1b. Roll to hit. On a roll of 4,5,6 it's a direct hit.

1b-1. On a 1,2,3 (you miss the target, now roll for drift direction).

1b-2. Roll for drift distance. 1,2 drift is 1 inter-spaced. 3,4 drift is 2 inter-spaces. 5,6 drift is 3 inter-spaces.

1c. Roll to hit each unit under template per regular rules.

2. Units inside an undamaged building may not fire at planes. Units in damaged buildings/rubble may fire.

3. Any unit that requires set-up (bi-pod or tripod) and is "setup" or on the active side, may not fire at aircraft.

4. A plane can fire it's guns using the machine gun rules, along with dropping it's bomb.

In the game that we played last night, we used the above suggestions. We found them to be more fair. What we encountered was that a plane, with bombs, was a laser targeted death weapon. It automatically hit, and without unlucky rolling, could devastate the targeted enemy units. By making bomb dropping have a little bit of luck, it factors in wind, pilot skill, an other unforeseen factors.

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