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Flamethrower Posted on [06/12/2019] à 01:08

When firing the flamethrower it states in the written rules to place the template in the centre of the unit but in the example for the flamethrower it shows the template being placed adjacent to the land raider. Do I place it from within the centre of either of the vehicle squares or as shown? If as shown is this exclusive to all vehicles?

James Calley

Flamethrower Posted on [06/12/2019] à 09:40

There's a small erratum in the upcoming Bad Moon expansion about this little issue.

Basically, there's a difference between the usage of flamethrowers for small infantry units or large (4-square) vehicles.

The example below shows the Stompa, but it's the same for the Landraider Redeemers.

☠☠☠Heroes of Belgium ☠☠☠

Flamethrower Posted on [06/12/2019] à 12:32

Thank you! Regarding 2 square units, does it mean centre of a square or centre of the unit?

James Calley

Flamethrower Posted on [06/12/2019] à 15:16

Also, will the bad moonz be on sale in retail?

James Calley

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