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Concealed Clarification
Concealed Clarification Posted on [09/12/2019] à 13:45

Hi, guys

I'm slightly confused about the concealed status rules.

There is a thread where Axel stated that you flip a concealed unit to its unconcealed side AS SOON AS an enemy unit moves into a square which has LOS. https://www.devil-pig-games.com/en/forum/?action=viewtopic&t=1398.0#postid-6786

However, the rules state that (I'm quoting from HoS) "Conditions for turning a concealed unit over are checked for each square the concealed unit moves into or at the end of any other unit's Movement Action"

I take this to mean that, for example, there is a German concealed unit that is not in a terrain feature. A US unit moves into LOS. The concealed German unit is flipped to its unconcealed state when the US unit completes its move, assuming it ends the move in LOS, and not as soon as it moves into LOS.

1) Is this correct?

2) Can you assault a concealed unit while it is still concealed? I say yes, as the rules also state "A concealed unit that is involved in an assault is flipped…as the assault begins." So you don't need to spot a concealed unit to assault it, only to shoot it. Am I right?


Concealed Clarification Posted on [09/12/2019] à 17:00

The HoS rules are correct. That post form with Axel's response is from 2014 and rather old. He was talking about 1.1 rules, we're now at the 2.0 rules. Some rules got fine-tuned during the development of the Compendium on which the HoS rules are based. The Compendium, HoBR, HoS and the upcoming re-release of HoN all use the 2.0 rules.

1. Your example is correct:

• A moving unit spots concealed enemies at the end of its Movement Action.

• A moving concealed unit checks for concealment each square it enters.

2: Indeed, you can assault a concealed unit, but it's flipped over to its revealed side right before the assault resolution. For a Firing Action you always need Line of Sight. You cannot fire at a concealed unit.

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Concealed Clarification Posted on [13/12/2019] à 00:10

Thank you, sir!

Concealed Clarification Posted on [13/12/2019] à 06:34

I brought that old thread up to V2.0 standards as well, to prevent this confusion in the future. Most of the thread was still applicable to V2.0, but that one part was something that only applied to V1.x

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