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Bulge scenario 2: Malmedy
Bulge scenario 2: Malmedy Posted on [17/12/2019] à 15:28

Hoping to play the scenario next weekend and the set up information needs clarification. I posted this on BGG a few days ago, but no one is responding there. Any help will be appreciated.

1. One of the three German objectives is identified as “Baraque Michel”. This is not on the map but the village of Hockai is. I assume that the correct German objectives are Malmedy, Mont and Hockai.

2. The Allied Deployment states that the American Airborne Rifle Company can only be deployed from reserve next to the Vandervoort unit card. However, the Airborne Company is listed as being deployed at the start of the game while Vandervoort comes on in the reserve. Any suggestions?

3. The German Deployment states that the Wave Two (under the listing this probably means the "Deck Two") units are placed “on any remaining marked boxes“. No other boxes are specifically marked so I presume this means any boxes that have not already been occupied by Allied or German units.

4. Also under the General Information there is a statement that the German paratroopers have to use two ORDER markers instead of one. I assume that this means DIRECTIVE markers.

Bulge scenario 2: Malmedy Posted on [17/12/2019] à 21:54

In reality, Mont Rigi is northeast of Hokai, Baraque Michel is quite near but sligthly to the northwest of Mont Rigi. Looks like the high ground is the objective. This should let you figure out the scenario map. Have fun.

Bulge scenario 2: Malmedy Posted on [18/12/2019] à 20:40

Thanks for the explanation. The scenario sheet marks the three urban areas as the objectives.

Bulge scenario 2: Malmedy Posted on [21/12/2019] à 17:26

For future reference we played the scenario & it worked fine using the following interpretations:

1. Malmedy, Mont & Hockai were the three objectives.

2. I swopped Vandervoort into the start of game deployed units & the Airborne Company into the Reserve.

3. Andy simply placed the "Wave/Deck 2" German Para units face down on any open spaces he chose.

4. The German Paras had to spend two Directive markers instead of one. That was really tough for them.

Additional point: We took Von der Heydte out of the "Deck 1" start of game deployed group and added him to the shuffled "Deck 2" before deploying him with them.

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