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Rule clarification
Rule clarification Posted on [05/01/2020] à 18:29


Newbie on this awesome game.

I need some clarifications on rules, sorry If these questions have answered somewhere before, but I feel too much confused reading about rule updates here in the forum.

So, first of all, my rulebook refers that is the 1.2b version, August 2014. How many changes happened since then and where I could find the last?

Is there is a downloadable Faq, up to date?

The Firing on the Move special ability permits a unit to fire while it moves, and the rulebook refers that this happens before the exiting of the unit on a space. So, a unit always first fires and then starts moving, am I reading it right? or it could fire at the middle or the end of its movement?

Rule clarification Posted on [05/01/2020] à 19:38

You can fire when you want. So you can fire first and then move, move and then fire, or move some then fire and move again.

Zijn er ook nerderlandse spelers onder ons? Omgeving nijmegen, uden, enz.

Rule clarification Posted on [05/01/2020] à 20:10

Thanks guys,

About the version, an answer please.


Rule clarification Posted on [05/01/2020] à 21:02

Quote from Mark75 on [05/01/2020] à 20:10

Thanks guys,

About the version, an answer please.


Hi Mark,

Heroes of Stalingrad, Heroes of Black Reach, The Compendium and the upcoming, second edition of Heroes of Normandie are all version 2.0.

1.2b was the last sub-version of the first version. The last version of the HoN core boxes had this version number.

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Rule clarification Posted on [05/01/2020] à 22:01

So, according to this, I'm playing with an earlier set of rules and perhaps many changes have done. So I must order Stalingrand in order to take the 2.0 version.

The previous week I did an order, buying almost everything, but I couldn't find a way to order Stalingrand due to kickstarter.

Rule clarification Posted on [06/01/2020] à 04:49

First of all: There are some mechanical changes, but all the tokens still works with either edition, so you can play with v1.2b if you want. You can check the V1 Archives for posts discussing any rules clarifications and such.

The core rules have not changed that much, although there are a few differences. There are more clarifications than changes, but the heart of the game remains.

Although the Stalingrad set is very nice, you do not have to wait to get the HoS box to get the rules as they are available here in the downloads section for Stalingrad. That will give you all the updated core mechanics for now, and you can use the various HoN expansion rules to deal with any Special Abilities or Gear/Traits/Customizations/Orders that you have that are not covered in the HoS rules.

But as long as you and your opponent are using the same version of the rules, just have fun and play the game 🙂

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Rule clarification Posted on [06/01/2020] à 09:36

What Nostradunwhich said, enjoy the game as it is!

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