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Battle Reports: Scenario 5: Project X
HoS Battle Report: Scenario 5: Project X Posted on [23/01/2020] à 10:16

Cross-post from an after action report I wrote on BGG as well.

Alright, yesterday I finally got to play this scenario number five with my buddy Eclo. I wrote this mostly from my German side's perspective, …

Result: Russian victory at the end of Turn 4 by controlling the objective in building A and the one in the ruins. It's only because of a mistake on German side (my side :D), or the game would have lasted at least an extra turn.

Turn 1: a very lucky German MG34 successfully double suppressed a Russian Fire Team blocking the door in building A. Order Token N°2 had the Germans rushing that building A to Assault that suppressed unit, resulting in a total annihilation of those unlucky Russians, because they couldn't retreat caused by that double suppression markers (immobilized). This situation was a textbook example on how to set up the perfect assault. I know I was very lucky here, but still. We only played with two order tokens this round, as we didn't take into account the Order Stars of the reinforcements. I think this wouldn't have mattered. In the Supply Phase the remaining units rushed towards that lone objective in the ruined building. Neither of the armies reached that objective. The 'Russian' objective was contested, the Germans had control of one objective in their starting building.

Turn 2: The battle for the lone objective. The Russians pushed their first unit into the ruins up top. A German also got into that objective, contesting the objective. Meanwhile, the Russians tried to kill those pesky German intruders in building A. Luckily that didn't work out as planned, with that objective in building A still contested at the end of this turn. At the end of the supply phase the big boy rolled in with armor and a ton of units advancing from the sides.

Turn 3: Some battling for that lone objective, as well as some failed assaults in building A. The end of turn three was the same, Germans controlling one objective in building B, the objective in building A was still contested because the Russians couldn't kill the Germans inside, but still the Russians managed to take control of the lone objective in the ruined building. Result: 1-1. Time for a tiebreaker in turn 4.

Turn 4: In turn three, the Russians had pushed forward a GAZ-67 vehicle with inside some scary Flamer boys. That was very scary, as we all know those flamethrowers are extremely lethal. The Russian Flamer Team jumped out of the jeep, rushing towards the narrow passageway between buildings A & B, launching a wall of flames through the door of building B. That inferno barbecued the MG34 inside and horribly cooked a German officer that ran into building at the end of the previous turn. The officer was hit and suppressed but still managed to shake of his trauma with a lucky 'Courage' card, removing the Suppressed Marker, firing his pistol straight into gas tanks of the Russian flamers, setting that narrow street ablaze. This is Hollywood action at its finest, ladies and gentlemen.

Building A, which had a German Fire Team in there since Turn 1, was stormed by more and more Russians, now throwing in some fresh grenades through the windows. Grenades are lethal when the defensive bonus of the terrain isn't taken into account, resulting in a German casualty and an uncontested objective in this building. Things are starting to go wrong for the Germans.

On the other side of the battlefield, the Panzers wiped out some Russians on the objective. However, the German commander (me) made a critical mistake here: I had no nearby units to push into those ruins so the objective stayed open. In the Supply Phase, the Russians simply pushed in a second (or was it third) wave of soldiers with no possibility whatsoever for the Germans to contest that objective. Result: 2-1 win for the Russians.

Tips: The Russians have a lot of troops coming in as reinforcements. It's hard to counter those so that objective in the ruins is going to be hard to control. I made the mistake to not get enough German reinforcements into building B, thinking the few remaining Germans inside could manage to keep control. I was wrong there because some cocky Russians kept pushing forward, and almost clearing building B as well. You really need to split your forces in this scenario, with one part pushing for the buildings, and the other part for those ruins on the top part of the map.

Conclusion: Fierce and fun battle. I want to retry and get the German flamethrowers inside building B and maybe up to building A. Clearing out rooms with a flamethrower is really easy.

☠Heroes System Belgium Represent ☠

Battle Reports: Scenario 5: Project X Posted on [24/01/2020] à 22:51

Nice rapport Bart!

Zijn er ook nerderlandse spelers onder ons? Omgeving nijmegen, uden, enz.

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