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Custom US Commander "3rd Armored Division"
Custom US Commander "3rd Armored Division" Posted on [07/02/2020] à 00:03

Hey guys,

its me again 😀

its time to unleash the conterpart to face the mighty "Festung Deutschland" commander.

while Festung Deutschland is focussed on pure destruction, whiping units and keep the enemy away, the 3rd Armored Divion is all about pushing and fast advance.

like always im looking for your feedback

Custom US Commander "3rd Armored Division" Posted on [07/02/2020] à 03:05

Looks Nice!i will make then to.

Zijn er ook nerderlandse spelers onder ons? Omgeving nijmegen, uden, enz.

Custom US Commander "3rd Armored Division" Posted on [07/02/2020] à 09:46

Nice work, EvilSpike!

I have a question about the point values. The first Recruitment Tile has a value of 155 points, but the value on the back (when the breaking point's reached) is 'only' six points. In the Heroes System, this scoring value is mostly derived from the normal point value. So I guess in this case, often ±10% of the normal point value. So in this case it would need to be 15 points on the back. Or is there a different reasoning you're using here?

☠☠☠Heroes of Belgium ☠☠☠

Custom US Commander "3rd Armored Division" Posted on [07/02/2020] à 21:07


thx for the feedback.

no there was not a specific reason, but i can change this^^

i have to change this for the germans as well.

any wishes for the next project? XD

Custom US Commander "3rd Armored Division" Posted on [08/02/2020] à 23:11

What do you guys think about cigarettes?

Im thinking about a change.

Instead of the current rule, I was thinking about this:

You can place a cigarette token on an already activated unit to activate it a second time

What do you think fits better?

Custom US Commander "3rd Armored Division" Posted on [09/02/2020] à 18:53

I think the same. Sounds more fitting the game.

Zijn er ook nerderlandse spelers onder ons? Omgeving nijmegen, uden, enz.

Custom US Commander "3rd Armored Division" Posted on [10/02/2020] à 08:51

For cigarettes I would say that token has to be placed during Reserve phase instead of a move action (time to smoke it) then it will give 2 actions during the Action phase.

For BAR I would replace the word 'all troop’ by 'for unit on which the token is associated'. As it is a personalization it can't be used by more than one unit.

For dynamite, I Would have replaced the 4,5,6:hit by 4,5,6:re-roll the dice and apply the usual determination of the hit for an heavy tank.

Otherwise of course they are great add-on!


Custom US Commander "3rd Armored Division" Posted on [11/02/2020] à 00:25

i realy like your idea with cigarettes,

i will change it into this

for the bar i had the idea in mind to buff all troops on the field, maybe i have to adjust the upgrade token to make it more clear?

about dynamite,

yeah i think with your suggested change its more balanced

i will add this too

thx for the feedback guys 😀

atm im working on a scenario where the 3rd Armored Division will face the Festug Deutschland. and ofc you will play on a whole new map 😀

Custom US Commander "3rd Armored Division" Posted on [23/02/2020] à 19:25

updated the rules for the new abilitys.

Cigarettes and Dynamite got a tweak^^

Custom US Commander "3rd Armored Division" Posted on [07/05/2020] à 06:22

I like

Custom US Commander "3rd Armored Division" Posted on [21/05/2020] à 01:01

Any chance you plan on updating the VP points on the recruitment tiles / options of these to?

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it

Custom US Commander "3rd Armored Division" Posted on [21/05/2020] à 20:53

Visually, these look awesome! The artwork and units look fantastic they could easily be passed off as official.

From a balance standpoint, these look VERY strong and would take some playtesting to balance. There are a few other things that seem strange to me.

The Brad Pitt hero seems to have two different recruitment tiles? One with the white bands for 40 points that just gives you the hero and then another recruitment board where he is in a Pershing? The Pershing recruitment board doesn't seem to have a point cost… The backside shows it is worth 8 victory points indicating he is worth 80 points maybe? This seems low for a Pershing tank that gives you two orders!

The Michael Wittman Tiger Platoon seems comparable but even that is 30 points more. Granted it has quite a few more slots for recruitment options.

You have a strange way of using the white band recruitment slots. These are used for individual items associated with just one character or hero. Usually, it's something like a weapon or a trait that only applies to that character. Very odd to have a hero in that recruitment slot.

The B-17 is cool and all but was never providing air support at a platoon level like in Heroes of Normandie. They were off bombing factories and rail lines in Germany well behind the front lines. The only time I can think of where they were used on the frontlines was during Operation Goodwood where a large scale bombing of the front lines was done by strategic bombers. It wasn't that effective, which is why the Allies never really did it again.

100 points seems reasonable for the powerhouse stats you have given the B-17 but I'd be afraid if my opponent has a 20mm AA gun or worse. That might be a very short-lived 100 points spent!

I won't make any comment on the B-17 cards since I can't seem to read them with the current image files. How do they get added to your deck? Is there an upgrade? Do they come with buying the B-17 command recruitment upgrade?

How do the radios work? If a unit with the radio symbol activates then everyone with a radio symbol can activate? And they can spend the radio token to get the radio symbol? Seems pretty powerful to have 3+ units activate at once for 15 points! I suppose there are a few other abilities that do something similar but usually they have restrictions like they all have to be tanks or heavy weapons units that are in a couple of squares of each other.

What kind of order token does the "Elite" command upgrade give you? Is it a regular order? A special order token? If it is a special order token there is an existing command upgrade for that and it costs 30 points! If it is a regular order is this any different from the Planning command upgrade? 1 order for 10 points?

The BAR is for just one character? Your rules text for it makes it sounds like it's for the whole force. Again, the white bar upgrades are always used for just one character so this makes it kind of odd. Typically upgrades that affect the entire force are command recruitment options. (the red white and blue colored bars for the Americans)

The Bayonet is again a very neat idea but 10 points is just too cheap since it is for the entire force. Consider ammo tokens that give you 3 +1 rolls for the same cost. Again it's an upgrade that goes on a platoon board but affects the entire force? Seems to me this should either be a command upgrade that costs quite a bit more, probably around 30 points, or should be an equipment upgrade that gives you 3 tokens you can spend to give a unit the assault ability for one assault.

Cigarettes are also very powerful and seem very undercosted for what they do. You could give yourself 3 extra orders in one turn by passing all 3 of them out the same time not to mention what initiative do these extra activations go in? Are they like special orders you can choose when to use them during initiative? If they are that's VERY powerful! That's like handing out 3 special order tokens! For just 10 points!!! Let's compare this to the Heroic upgrade which is similar enough to be comparable. This gives you three tokens you can use to let a unit activate twice in a row and this upgrade costs 30 points! Heroic also gives your unit a suppression token after each extra activation so it has a downside.

Dynamite looks cool. I love the idea of giving the US more anti-tank options even if they are unreliable. However, the rules you have written it doesn't do anything to light vehicles? That's fine I guess but seems odd considering most if not every anti-tank option in the game is usable against both light and heavy vehicles.

So that's my two cents. You have some great looking stuff here and some really cool concepts. A good place to start would be to compare them to existing upgrades from Devil Pig and ask why you would take one of your new ones over a similar one. What are the advantages? Disadvantages? Are the costs comparable? I think a lot of this you would find very quickly with some play testing. Keep revising! These are very cool!

Custom US Commander "3rd Armored Division" Posted on [25/05/2020] à 01:01

Thank you for this awesome feedback, most of the stuff was already in my mind to update when I’m fixing the vp points.

About the white upgrade for tanks I know it’s not common and dpg did it the way you mentioned, but I wanted it exactly the way I did it, even if it looks or feels different.

Costs will be updated and the bar update could change. Bayonet will be changed as well into token based upgrade.

Again, thank you for your feedback. Only with good feedback the custom commanders can be tweaked

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