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HEROES OF BERLIN? Posted on [27/02/2020] à 12:05

Is there any plan to make a 'Late war' game at all – Heroes of Berlin?

I would love to see some late war Eastern Front Heavy metal, JS-2's etc.

HEROES OF BERLIN? Posted on [27/02/2020] à 15:15

Great idea, Alan. Welcome to the forum!

In my opinion, you could imagine the Heroes System applied to any period, in many wars.

I have no idea what DPG's planning for the future of the Eastern front is, but I guess it would be possible if there's enough interest.

☠☠☠Heroes of Belgium ☠☠☠

HEROES OF BERLIN? Posted on [27/02/2020] à 19:07

It would definitely be cool! Although I want to see North Africa and the Pacific first. Of course my number one wish would be to see the Aleutian Islands campaign but I think it is probably too obscure.

HEROES OF BERLIN? Posted on [29/02/2020] à 17:49

Why not – instead – adding the Italian army ? I am an Italian fan and customer of this site and the HoN game system and I would really like to see also the italian army… I mean… Until now they printed only US, UK and GE / SS armies; plus a bunch of French Partisans and Paratroopers from all the sides that are Out of Stock at the moment… And I think they should better have to print and sell also the Italian armies (fascist troops / regular army / paratroopers of the "Folgore" and "Alpini" moutain troopers) and then make available also the army of my country. I would also like to see the italian partisans in order to recreate the capture of the Duce (allowing me to use again, and in a new sets of scenarios, "the Duce" unit from the HoN expansion "Skorzeny's Paratroopers" that I own already).

I think that it would also "balance" the armies' count: today we can play 2 allied armies and "half" (french partisans + polish troopers and so on) in HoN… But we can only use a single "Axis" army… The Germans' one !!!

Let me use also the Italian troops !!! Some members of the Italian army also participated in the D-Day events, even if they are not known by the medium man… Since they were few young troopers they seem to be as "cancelled from the history"… Like the members of the "Folgore" that participated in the El Alamein battles. They fought with bravery and strenually till the last man standing and the British historians seem to be the unique persons to recognise them and their heroic deeds during the campaigns in North Africa, by the side of Rommel's Afrika Korps.

And speaking about Afrika Korps… Why they have not produced also such troops ? Ok… They were not present in Normandie… But I still would like to field them (along with the Italian army troops above mentioned).

I also would like to see the Italian "Alpini" troops available to be used with the modules from Stalingrad… I mean… Italian troops were present in the Eastern Front, expecially on the Don and the Volga rivers… And I would like to recreate such scenarios and battles fought by the Italian "Alpini" and "ARMIR" corps too !!!

I think that this is a good idea. Don't you agree ?!?

Let me know what you think about having or not the chance to play and field also Italian trooops in the HoN / HoS system…

HEROES OF BERLIN? Posted on [29/02/2020] à 19:09

Share by NKVD on french forum… 😉

Citation de nkvd52 Le [03/09/2018] à 13:25

Bonjour à tous,

voilà environ 4 5 jours que je me suis lancer sur un projet.

Voici l'armée italienne. (une infime partie)

Mon choix se porte sur le début de guerre 39-40.

Ici nous avons l'armée de terre. sans unité spécial (pour le moment).

Ici rien n'est encore définitif, (surtout les points et caractéristique de certaines unités) (les caractéristiques sont un point vu personnel, qui peuvent encore être améliorer/changer).

Je ne vous promet pas d'étendre encore la gamme, mais je vous laisse imaginer ce qui l'est possible de faire avec les italiens (Afrique / Yougoslavie / Grèce / Afrique du Nord etc…) sans compter sur les Bersaglieri , Paracudisiti , Alpini etc…

Mais globalement voici le résultat (cliquez sur l'image pour l'agrandir, elle n'est pas autant détaillée que sur mon pc).


HEROES OF BERLIN? Posted on [01/03/2020] à 07:31

I think Italians would make the most sense as the 3rd faction for heroes of stalingrad. I would love to see bersaglieri in the game!

HEROES OF BERLIN? Posted on [01/03/2020] à 19:05

HEROES OF BERLIN? Posted on [03/03/2020] à 20:26

Those look fantastic!

HEROES OF BERLIN? Posted on [04/03/2020] à 08:01

Nice Nice! Wy do the thanks have 0 defends? Where they so week?

Zijn er ook nerderlandse spelers onder ons? Omgeving nijmegen, uden, enz.

HEROES OF BERLIN? Posted on [11/03/2020] à 20:44

I have to agree I would like to see the Italians covered by the game as well.

Especially the Italian Elites who should be represented as just as good as any other nations Elites.

Would make sense to add them to HEROES OF STALINGRAD for sure

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