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Can I use Dynamic on a Bluff?
Dynamic card Posted on [22/03/2020] à 10:24

As in self isolated, I grabbed the opportunity this morning to play solo the "My heart goes boom scenario.

The US has the initiate and a Bazooka team found itself in the open having bluff token, opposite a Panzer tank with No1 order token. I draw a card and God send the Dynamic card which says that I may move an order token to a unit that hasn't.

My instinct says that the bluff token isn't order, so I could switch the two each other and Bazooka team could fire first.

I would like an official answer please to sort it in my dedicated faq.

Dynamic card Posted on [06/04/2021] à 17:55

Good question.

Does anyone have an official answer?

Is the bluff token an order token?

Dynamic card Posted on [06/04/2021] à 18:45

I'm not an official 🙂

But my instinct would be that the bluff token is not an order as Mark75 said.

In the HOS rule book which is the latest V2 rules it says "In addition to the Order Tokens you are entitled to, you can also use one Bluff token to trick your opponent".

The way this is phrased would seem to indicate that Bluff tokens are not Order tokens.

Dynamic card Posted on [06/04/2021] à 20:47

There are three types of order tokens: numbered, special and bluff order tokens. They are all called order tokens.

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