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Anyone else feel they have been ripped off by dpg?
Anyone else feel they have been ripped off by dpg? Posted on [27/05/2020] à 18:20

Quote from MickMountain on [29/04/2020] à 09:59

Quote from LionSaurus on [24/04/2020] à 14:43

… My view on my orders now is – I know I've ordered it and I look forward to it arriving. When will that be? No clue- it'll get here when it gets here and I feel pretty confident that it will in fact, eventually get here.

…The more you relax about it, the less frustrating it is.

LionSaurus you have matured impressivly, color me impressed. 😉

No offense, actually kind of true, I remeber we had some different opinions in the past about this theme.



No offense taken heh. I can understand peoples frustration having been there myself, but glad to be past those worries myself. What happens, happens. I suddenly became an adult xD …well, part time adult anyway 😀

The downside about my new laidback lifestyle is that I totally missed out on the pigs back from hell kickstarter, but glad to see they made the HoBR stretch goal, which is the setting I care the most about.

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