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[Recruitment/Unit Upgrade]
[Recruitment/Unit Upgrade] Posted on [13/04/2020] à 21:15


i just started with HON and HOB and i have a few questions. I hope this is the right place to post this because maybe i have a few things mixed up between the systems.

1. If i choose the free game mode can i build an army of multipe units from the same unit tile and can i use more upgrades from the same type?

For example could i build a german army with 3x Grenadier-Regiment 1058, each with a Pak 40, MG42 Group and 10.5cm LeFH Upgrade?

So i would have multiple Pak 40s, MG 42 Groups…. .

2. If i upgrade a unit tile with a specific weapon for example a relic blade [HOB] who can use this weapon, only the named char/officer or all the units from this unit tile?

Only the char/officer i suppose?

EDIT: OK, found that one, only officer!

3. If a unit defends a position which gives -2 to assault and shooting from enemys what happens if the defending unit assaults a enemy unit in direct contact outside the defensive position?

Does the now "defending" enemy unit still get that -2 to his assault die?

4. A unit defending a postion which gives -2 to assault and shooting for attacking enemys, shoots at a enemy unit without that -2 to its die roll because it is in direct contact with that "wall"?

Does this also apply for an attacking enemy unit in direct contact with the "wall"?

I suppose not?

5. How does "Extra Armour" work?

To be more specific when do i use it, does it add up if i use more than 1 and i suppose after the use its gone?

[Recruitment/Unit Upgrade] Posted on [14/04/2020] à 19:47


1. It's your game so I guess you can play it the way you want. Rules as written: You have the platoon recruitment tile. Platoons have empty places to put units in. They have to match the color of the platoon, the size of the slot or "the neutral" options. That's what you get to fill up your platoon. If it's full, it's full. This usually means, 2 units and 2 pieces of gear.

2. In heroes of normandie, the platoon can use it. "The neutral" color won't benefit.

3. I would rule that as no. Since the enemy unit is not in a terrain element. As you put the assaulting unit on the other unit, they also are not in a terrain element.

4. Not sure what you mean. I think that if a unit is in a bunker or a house, and shooting out at a unit on the grass. They would not get that -2. The bonusses a unit get's from terrain are marked in the shields. The same shields that represent the defence value of a unit. This is to symbolise it get's added to the unit's defence that's on the terrain element. It does not change the attack roll/to hit roll.

5. We rule that it add's up and then is used. So you can bump up one unit with 3 pieces of extra armor. But after that, it's gone. Shot to bits!


[Recruitment/Unit Upgrade] Posted on [15/04/2020] à 13:34

I totally agree with this. the rules of the game are quite clear and logical. But what's the problem if you want to play the game your way? the point is that you and your opponent have a nice evening and so if you have another form of recruitment together, that's fine. good luck with the fight and may the best win !!

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