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HOBR Pre Order Bundle
HOBR Pre Order Bundle Posted on [30/04/2020] à 04:58

Gentlemen any idea when, how or if I will ever receive my HOBR pre order bundle? It has been over a year since I placed my order. I am very frustrated with your company after waiting almost 2 years for HOS kick starter, over a year for the hobr bundle and now you have sent me an e mail asking me to support your company so you can survive, how long will I have to wait for the new kick starter? I know your e mail said it would ship in December but you said the same thing about the HOS kick starter and I did'nt receive it until a year later. it is very difficult for me to rationalize sending you more money. I hope your company survives but I doubt if you get more of my money. pissed off customer


HOBR Pre Order Bundle Posted on [30/04/2020] à 07:49

DPG had to focus on the previous kickstarters (HoN card game and Stalingrad) to make sure they go out to customers.

Now that those kickstarters have finally shipped (apart from the outliers), they can focus on the next product in line.

That is most likely HoN 2.0 game (Big Red One). They need to get the core box back to stores to get the sales going again.

Either before or after that, the HoBR P500 will be produced as it is the next one in line.

If the new Kickstarter does well, DPG can put everything still waiting in line to the printers. If not, they have to focus on one item at time, like they have been doing until now.

I know this is not something you want to hear, but you just need to be patient. It is coming.

This is supposed to be a joyful occasion. Lets not bicker and argue about who killed who.

HOBR Pre Order Bundle Posted on [30/04/2020] à 10:45

Hi NormandyFan, you'll receive your stuff… it just takes a longer than expected, unfortunately.

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