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Warehouse’s re-open date
Warehouse’s re-open date Posted on [16/04/2021] à 04:23

Looks like we have some information on the state of DPG in the US.

From the latest Heroes of Normandie: Big Red One update, we see the following:

Never before have we had such a high number of US Backers. This is why we decided to relaunch DPG in the United States. Iello still has a few stocks of their own but We’re going to move a significant portion of our products to the US.

Some of those products will no longer be reprinted: Gazettes, Army Boxes, Single Punchboards and Battlegrounds will cease to exist in this form and some might come back in our new line of products.

They are making a new line of Devil Pig Products

(every [box with units] will have scenarios)

Core Boxes: Everything to get started in the game, like the Big Red One Edition. These will have scenarios.

Battle Packs: These big boxes will contain scenarios, terrains and new units!

War Stories: Focuses on a specific unit or hero and its story.

Advanced Warfare: New gameplay mechanics and all you need to play them.

Extra Bacon: Entirely unnecessary but devilishly good. Tokens, dice, cards and goodies or pretty anything that comes through our pig heads.

Storage: Everything you need to store all your games elements!

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