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Multiplayer rules?
Multiplayer rules? Posted on [13/05/2020] à 16:53

I have the compendium coming in and was wondering if it has multiplayer rules? 2v1, or 1v1v1, 2v2 etc?

As someone who only has black reach and Stalingrad, is it possible to split up units across a team, have a team share card draws from the same deck, and just use the order tokens from both games to allow for 4 sets of order tokens?

Eg, two Russian players vs a German player, or 2v2?

Multiplayer rules? Posted on [13/05/2020] à 17:26

There are multiplayer rules in the HoS scenario booklet. The Compendium has the same rules, but the version in HoS is improved and clearer.

Back Reach has no such rules, but you can use the ones from HoS without a hassle. I've played three-player games with my sons, and it works perfectly (2vs1).

The main concept here is that you play with 'Alliances'. An alliance can be a split-up army (a two-player alliance, both Russian for example), versus one other army or alliance. An alliance can be multi-faction as well (Commonwealth + US for example vs GE).

You need to share a deck within an alliance. Alliance players have less cards in hands (2×3 vs 1×4 for example in a 2vs1 game). Works fine!

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Multiplayer rules? Posted on [13/05/2020] à 17:30

Awesome! Didn’t realize it was in the scenario book, I probably shouldn’t have jumped right into free play! Great to hear that it works fine

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