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More Zombies?
Zombies Posted on [30/05/2014] à 21:20

I didn't spring for the extra zombies during the kickstarter, but after seeing them in person, I was wondering if there was any way to order some?

Zombies Posted on [30/05/2014] à 22:07

It was a kickstarter exclusive so you will need to keep an eye on ebay, or see if anyone in these forums wants to sell theirs.

Zombies Posted on [30/05/2014] à 22:14

I'm not going to keep the Cthullu add ons myself. Any idea what they are worth?

Zombies Posted on [30/05/2014] à 23:17

you'd probably get about £8 for the extra zombies PB and £25 for the Acthung Cthulhu set

that's what I got recently for an extra D Day set I sold, but you may find the cthulhu stuff is a bit less desirable for some

Zombies Posted on [01/06/2014] à 00:37

As Mezike says, it's an exclusive so we won't sell it after. But, there is a "But", in the future, we could be put on sell an alternative version of exclusive punchboard. Same caracteristics (or near), but different names, designs, etc.

Your last solution is to buy it to another gamer.

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