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Labels Posted on [25/05/2020] à 03:35

I am reorganizing my new HoN collection from what I got, into my new storage solution (https://www.devil-pig-games.com/en/forum/?action=viewtopic&t=12902.0) .

Unfortunately, all the devil pig boxes already have the label applied. Is there a file anywhere of the sticker sheets, so I can print it out on sticker paper to label my new set.

Labels Posted on [25/05/2020] à 09:11

It's not really available separately, I'm afraid.

Someone on BGG remade the stickers for his own storage solution, so you might have some looking in the HoN file section on BGG.

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Labels Posted on [25/05/2020] à 09:52

Being a total completionist/collector freak (ask bartdevuyst, he knows) I think I can help you. PM me if you're interested.

Labels Posted on [26/05/2020] à 05:15

PM sent!

Labels Posted on [26/05/2020] à 08:54

Does anyone know if the PM option still works on this site ?

Jjmclachlan send me a PM, I even got a mail saying I have a new private message but when I look at my PDG mailbox I don't see a new message.

Anyone else has this problem ?

(I tried on Android device both Google and native browser and on Laptop on Google)


EDIT : message box is only 6% used so that's not the problem and I tried logging off and on again

Labels Posted on [26/05/2020] à 09:16

You have to be careful with emoji.

Any emoticon that’s not from the fixed set above a reply field, is erroneous and simply deletes your message. This should should get an update, as this behavior also happens when regularly replying on the forum. 😎

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