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Missing components help.
Missing components help. Posted on [02/06/2020] à 04:41

2/3 of the way going through my total collection acquisition. All of USA, FFI, and GE complete, still have commonwealth to go

In these images I have the components I have questions for


1. Where do those three fortified markers come from

2. The circled components are not on any of the Radar Station punchboards, where are they from?

Missing components help. Posted on [02/06/2020] à 05:10

There were 3 fortified tokens that were over-sized ones that came with Carentan but were corrected in an errata, IIRC. Are those oversized tokens, perhaps? Might be the original owner saved the tokens?

The keys and tokens are from Battlegrounds Set 3 Rails and Roads. The keys are from Board 3 and the other 3 from Board 5.

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