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Blast Tokens
Blast Tokens Posted on [19/06/2020] à 12:09

Please can anyone explain how blast patterns work and what do all the icons on them mean.

Thanks in anticipation.


Blast Tokens Posted on [20/06/2020] à 05:39

How Blast Templates Work

I think the rules do a good job of explaining how & when to use the blast template. I recommend reading these rules to get a better understanding:

* The abilities "Howitzer" and "Indirect Fire" (pg 17 of V1.2b HoN rules) (pg 42 of Compendium).

* The equipment "Grenades" and "Rifle Grenades" (pg 13-14 of V1.2b HoN rules) (pg 56-57 of Compendium).


* The color of the blast template (blue, green, red, grey) corresponds to the same colored "Howitzer" or "Indirect Fire" ability. I.e. if your Indirect Fire ability shows a green symbol, then use the green blast template.

* The backside of all blast templates are the same. This is used for attacks that don't match one of the previously mentioned colors. This is for attacks that have their owns stats, such as the Grenade & Rifle Grenade equipment or the Geballte Ladung card. All the same rules apply, except the attack bonus is determined by the equipment/ability rather than the template

* Each blast template has it's attack bonus against the three unit types: infantry, light vehicle, heavy vehicle — this looks like "+4/+3/+2". This bonus is what you add to your die roll when that type of unit is hit by the blast.

* The numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 on the edges tells you what direction to scatter the blast template when you roll that same number during the scatter check.

* The numbers 5-6 in the center tell you the blast doesn't scatter at all if you roll a 5 or 6 on the scatter check.

* The red number inside of the blue arrows tells you how many interspaces to scatter the blast template when you roll a 1, 2, 3, or 4 on the scatter check.

* The red number on the right side is for the ability "Destruction" (page 17 V1.2b HoN rules, or page 40 of Compendium).

Blast Tokens Posted on [20/06/2020] à 11:19

Thank you so much for the clear and concise reply.


Blast Tokens Posted on [20/06/2020] à 12:18

You're welcome! I'm very glad you were able to understand what I wrote. I was afraid it was too wordy haha.

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