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Artillery Tokens in HoN - Which Are Correct?
Artillery Tokens in Heroes of Normandie... Have they been changed ? What are the rules to be followed now ? Posted on [12/07/2020] à 14:46

I do explain:

I've artillery tokens and recruitmen options that report upon them the "2 space scatter" icon… But I own also many tokens (expecially US and British ones) that report upon them, instead, the "3 spaces scattering" icon…


I am here to answer the question that arose to me…

What is the correct "spacing" to be used for scatter the artillery strikes ?

I know that in "by night" missions the scatter is augmented by 1 space, due to darkness or such… Then… Are the "3 spaces" tokens meant to be used only in nightime missions ? Or they represent a different type of "imprecise" artillery ?!?

Can someone answer me about those tokens and how are they meant to be used ?

I find that a "3 spaces" scatter is too much imprecise… It happened often (2 or 3 times) that a "3 spaces" artillery barrage ended up in leveling my own troops due to a bad dice roll… I accept this, since in war and in WW II we have a plentyful of examples about such kind of "friendly fire" / casualties… But in Heroes of Normandie; I had not thought till now, that also the more unprecise artilleries where reproduced. And in rules or in the Compendium such 2 types of artillery tokens are not even depicted and explained so well… It is not even told if one of them has to be considered "wrong" and the other one "correct"; or if they are both to be considered "different" at all effects, relatively to the game's mechanics / rules themselves…

I use them as 2 different types of artillery… Being the "3 spaces" one a more unprecise type or a naval based barrage…

But maybe I'm playing it wrongly…

Can you tell me if there are some differences or if I've lost "something"?!? Or if one between the "2 spacing" or the "3 spacing" tokens is a sort of "misprint" of the game or similar ?

Thank you all in advance; and happy gaming !!!

Artillery Tokens in Heroes of Normandie... Have they been changed ? What are the rules to be followed now ? Posted on [13/07/2020] à 04:13

The original v1.0 of Heroes of Normandy envisioned a recruitment option that let you add Artillery cards to your Action deck. The options were cheaper (15 pts for one card, 30 pts for 3 cards). The Artillery cards had their own scatter and attack values, even though they would indicate a particular Indirect Fire template (or templates) to use, but only for determining direction of scatter and which units are affected by the Artillery fire.

However, that older system is no longer used. More recent expansions use a system of recruit options which give you markers you can spend to do artillery attacks. These markers (like the cards) have the various attack stats (and scatter) printed on the markers and those are the numbers to use. The template is again used only to determine the direction of scatter and which models are affected by the explosion when the shell goes off.

Not all Artillery is the same. Some of it scatters more than others. Use the values printed on a given token that matches a given recruitment tile.

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