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Extreme Confusion about P500 SON Products
Extreme Confusion about P500 SON Products Posted on [19/12/2020] à 13:31

Hi there!

I just saw a posting on the news about new P500 SON Products.

I don't know what a P500 is and googling didn't help at all (stuff about pills and cellphones) It's extremely confusing to me since I can't seem to find any place where I can buy the stuff mentioned in the news posting (Mythos Call 3 and 4)

A bit more Information would be nice, when is it coming out? Will I be able to buy it normally in the Devil Pig Shop? Is it only sold via crowdfunding? I have no information and I wanna buy stuff 🙁

I just don't want to miss the opprtunity to buy new SON Stuff so please help me get things clear

Extreme Confusion about P500 SON Products Posted on [19/12/2020] à 15:17

P 500 is a version of crowdfunding, indeed.

The games developer may have several new ideas and projects to add to the existing range.

They can opt to have those products printed/made. They have to invest to do this of course, not knowing whether the product will sell or not. If it doesn't sell they have created a financial problem and are stuck with loads of boxes that need to be stored somewhere, potentially generating more debts.

Hence P500.

The ideas/projects are presented directly to those that may have an interest in them, in this case gamers and immediately the people who follow the developer/publisher who launches the P500.

The developer : "Hey folks, we got some great new stuff in mind. Would you be interested in this? If at least 500 people show interest we can have it manufactured/printed."

Players who want the product sign up for the P500. If enough people do this, then the project is launched and those who participated are charged for the purchase, receiving perhaps extra and/or exclusive stuff or a discount in prices compared to retail price.

If a project isn't embraced by enough people, the whole thing is cancelled, nobody gets charged and the publisher does not lose their pants due to a bad decision.

The stuff shown on the website has been presented and funded by enough people. It is on the verge of being printed and then shipped to all participants.

Some of these projects generate extra sets for purchase by other people who missed the P 500. Sometimes only those who participated get the stuff.

Extreme Confusion about P500 SON Products Posted on [19/12/2020] à 15:49

Ok thanks for the reply!

It is incredibly difficult to get into this new p500 stuff as someone who isn't constantly checking the dpg news.

So does this mean that I have no chance of getting the new SoN stuff in the regular DPG shop or can I still make a pledge somewhere?

I don't know how to actually pre-order or buy the stuff?

Is P500 somehow linked to kickstarter ? because i can't find the P500 website anywhere. The crowdfunding tab on the dpg website asks for kickstarter pledges only?

Extreme Confusion about P500 SON Products Posted on [19/12/2020] à 16:03

The P500 projects are presented on the DPG website with links to participate. Some things might be available later in the shop, other items are indeed limited and for participants only.

example of previous project :


Just type P500 in the search box if you check the website.

Extreme Confusion about P500 SON Products Posted on [21/12/2020] à 13:40

Some things might be available later in the shop

That's true. After sawing some peopple asking under the news, I asked Yann about selling them directly. So yes we will have some of them, but maybe not everything. We will se what's left after shipping.

Also we are currentluy working on a Discord. If you want to keep track of every big annoucement, I advise you to join it when it will be released

Extreme Confusion about P500 SON Products Posted on [21/12/2020] à 14:29

Thanks Basile! I will follow the Discord as soon as it gets released. An Announcement on the Front Page would be perfect.

I'm getting my wallet ready and I'm checking everyday for new SoN products so I hope there will be some stuff left…

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