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Vegetables Posted on [02/02/2021] à 11:17

Bonjour, is there someone among you who could inform me about fruits and vegetables from the North of France?

Vegetables Posted on [02/02/2021] à 18:28


Cabbage, potatoes, leeks, Brussels sprouts, apples, …

Vegetables Posted on [02/02/2021] à 19:46

Citation de clem Le [02/02/2021] à 18:28


Cabbage, potatoes, leeks, Brussels sprouts, apples, …

Brussels Sprouts … Those are from Belgium, right? 😛

☠☠☠ Heroes of Belgium ☠☠☠

Vegetables Posted on [15/02/2021] à 15:08

Of course there is. At the moment it's complicated. I heard that they are out of carrots and cucumbers. On the other hand, a whole shipment of onions and beautiful tomatoes should be arriving soon.

Vegetables Posted on [16/02/2021] à 09:15

I see. And what about leeks and eggplants, how are they doing?

Vegetables Posted on [16/02/2021] à 12:50

Nothing is sure yet but there should soon be a resupply in the whole area. On average, every convenience store in the area has enough lettuce, garlic, and beans for everyone.

Vegetables Posted on [18/02/2021] à 14:25

All right, well, thank you very much, don't hesitate to come back and talk to me if there's any news!

Vegetables Posted on [25/02/2021] à 13:43

I believe we are being watched. Be carefull

Vegetables Posted on [06/03/2021] à 17:05

We are clear, I have shaken off our pursuers. My previous message was incorrect, I had not visited the market. A new shipment of mushrooms and Fennels is coming in, but the convenience stores are low on Chili peppers.

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