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Artillery order
Artillery order Posted on [29/07/2021] à 10:59

Yesterday we played a game including the artillery support order for the first time.

From the text in the rules it seems to me artillery can fire even with a bluff token. Is that correct? If yes, when does that happen? I assume when the bluff is revealed, i.e. at the end of the activation phase.

Let me know if I got that right. Thank you 🙂

Artillery order Posted on [29/07/2021] à 13:27

Only Numbered Order tokens allow a unit to act. You activate numbered tokens one at a time, but since the Blank has no number — you cannot activate it.

A Bluff looks like an Order token from the reverse side, and its purpose is to trick your opponent into thinking you plan on activating a unit when in reality you do not.

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Artillery order Posted on [29/07/2021] à 13:50

Thanks Nostradunwhich.

May I ask though why on the rules (both the HoS booklet and the Compendium) it states:

In order to use an artillery support marker, you must place a Numbered Order or Special Order Token on its tile. This may also be a Bluff Token.

Is it just to point out you can play bluff on artillery the same you did with any unit?

Artillery order Posted on [30/07/2021] à 00:13

Exactly, you can trick your opponent with a Bluff Order Token, making him think you will pound him to smithereens (but you’re not).

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Artillery order Posted on [30/07/2021] à 11:40

All clear! Thank you very much 😀

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