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Assault and LoS Questions
Assault and LoS Questions Posted on [13/06/2014] à 05:54


1) can an assaulting unit benefit from the advance card (+2 movement)

2) if you reveal a concealed unit while moving can you then assault that unit?

–the rules for this one say you cannot assault a concealed unit, but they are no longer concealed once you reveal them…

3) in the following example can unit A see unit C?



"B" represents other units

If you determine LoS visually, then the edges of the units are rounded off, thus allowing LoS to pass through

OR, you can play that a unit occupies the entire square, in which case A cannot see C

(I hope this one makes sense)

Thanks everyone!

Assault and LoS Questions Posted on [13/06/2014] à 05:57

1/ Yes

2/ We discuss about that on french forum with axel, it should be clarified in the next version of rules (not sure about the final answer, may can AXEL answer when he wake up 😉 )

3/ Axel answers about that, border are rounded to let pass the LoS (in fact I found it logic, if you can pass walking in diagonal, you can see 🙂 )

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Assault and LoS Questions Posted on [18/06/2014] à 04:00

1. Yes.

2. No. A moving unit may not reveal Concealed enemy units until after it ends its entire movement. So, a unit may not move up to a Concealed enemy unit, reveal it, then continue with an Assault. Furthermore, a unit that moves into then out of LOS of a Concealed unit does not reveal that unit.

3. Yes. There is clear LOS between units A and C.

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Assault and LoS Questions Posted on [20/06/2014] à 13:31

2) New rules from the V1.1c (not released)

You must announce which ambushed unit you will assault before moving. Whatever happens, you must do this assault (imagine there is an MG42 ambushed).

[Moderator: The following applies to V1.x rules]

Ambushed unit are revealed at the moment you have a LoS (if the ambushed unit is not in an terrain element/overlay) or when you have a LoS and are at 2 or less spaces from the ambushed unit, not at the end of the movement (you're wrong jkh1842).

In the V2.0 rules, enemy concealed units are only revealed at the end of your unit's movement. As with the previous paragraph, your unit must have LoS (if the enemy unit is concealed in the open) or be within 2 squares (if the enemy unit is concealed in a terrain element/overlay) to force the enemy to be revealed.

You have the same restrictions of ZoC movement as the unit is ambushed or not.

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Assault and LoS Questions Posted on [09/12/2019] à 23:03

I have corrected this thread to bring it all up to V2.0 rules. Sorry for any confusion caused by my missing one part of the rules that was changed in v2.0

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