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[BRO] Rulebook Wording/Reference Errors
[BRO] Rulebook Wording/Reference Errors Posted on [20/05/2022] à 16:07

After my first read through of the Rulebook, I have noticed the following errors:

1. On page 7, Under GENERIC COLOUR STRIPES, the Americans/Germans labels are in French.

2. On page 30, in the description diagram for Veteran, the Effect box mentions Ammo markers instead Veteran markers.

3. In the Icon Summary, the following references list the wrong page number:

Fire on the Move (p.24) – should be p.22

Frightening Shot (p.23) – should be p.22

Howitzer (p.24) – should be p.23

Indirect Fire (p.24) – should be p.23

Limited Range (p.22) – should be p.23

Machine Gunner (p.23) – should be p.24

Overwatch (p.25) – should be p.24

Piercing (p.22) – should be p.24

Sniper (p.23) – should be p.24

Suppressive Fire (p.23) – should be p.24

4. Also, in the Icon Summary, Overwatch should be Opportunity Fire, since the reference is to the Special Ability, not the Customization.

That's pretty good for a rulebook this size and all are very minor issues. Just thought I would point them out in case there is ever a reprinting.

[BRO] Rulebook Wording/Reference Errors Posted on [20/05/2022] à 23:36

Thanks for all of this!

…At least the Index is correct.

Apparently DPG was not using cross-references, at least in the body of the text.

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