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Organizing your Big Red One pledge
Organizing your BRO stuff Posted on [26/05/2022] à 23:02

It can be a bit unclear how to use the Storage System until you have a few games under your belt, but that is not usually how people get stuff set up. So hopefully this will be of some help.

This is not official, but I do have a fair amount of experience with the storage system so these are educated guesses.

*** Update: Molpov on the French side of the house has done a wonderful visual reference guide that includes the storage stickers in the header of each sectioni. That is much better than my text so you can find a translated page here [LINK]. ***

Important tip: Be familiar with the diagram of a Recruitment Tile found on p.06 of the BRO rules, it covers some terms I am going to use in the rest of this: Regiment Badge, Option Stripes. I will generally be referring to this type of Recruitment Tile as a Platoon tile. The reasons are historic, but just know I mean a tile with a combat group, rather than a Hero or Command version.

The Heroes just to the right of that diagram show you a good example of the Army Badge (star for US, cross for Germans) and the generic army stripes (the stripes on the left-hand side of the Hero's Option Slots).

Big Red One Core Box

Use the stickers you got in the core box on the Core Element's smaller storage drawers (ignore the big one for now). That will give you one Command drawer (Army badge surrounded by laurels), one Generic Army drawer (Just the Army Badge), and 2 Platoon drawers for each faction. That will get you started.

Put the platoons (and any related options with the platoon's same unique option stripes) in their appropriate drawers (match the Platoon's stripes and Regimental Badge). Then put all Command (and Command options) and Heroes in the Command drawer, and Generic recruitment options (Gear, Traits, Support Options) in the Generic army drawer.

How do you know which is which? Flip the recruitment tiles over.

Spoiler :

Crate = Gear

Medal = Character Trait

Army Icon with Laurels = Command

Magnifying Glass = Customization

Big red VP number = Support Option

Hold any Customizations aside, we will get to them in a bit.

Battle Pack 1 – Bloody Omaha

Two of the stickers go on the Terrain Storage Box. They have a different background color that matches the blank spaces on the spine of the Terrain box, and each has a logo of one of the two main products — The BRO logo and the Bloody Omaha logo. Since the Terrain Storage Box comes with the Battlepack, it is logical for the stickers to be on the Omaha sticker sheet.

Use all the stickers for the Platoons you got first, not Command or Heroes (we will cover them soon). Put the platoons and all their options in their matching drawers just as you did for the Core Box.

I will try to help with the stripes, but my color vision is not great.

Spoiler :

US Storage

299th Combat Engineers (white/red/white)

2nd Rangers A Bat. (blue/red/blue)

116th Inf. Reg. Rifle Platoon (white/blue)

Tank Platoon (blue/gold?/blue)

German Storage

Festungskompanie (white/black/brown?)

Panzer-Aufklarungs (creme/green?)

Panzergruppe (grey/yellow/grey)

The Command stuff you got in Omaha can go in the Command drawer you already have…and put the Heroes in there as well.

Generic units should all fit in the Generic drawer for the faction you aleady have. Again, just set the Customizations aside, they will get a home in a bit.

War Stories #0 (More Bacon)

Spoiler :

US Storage

[WS#0] Fury

German Storage

[WS#0] SS-Panzergrenadiere (black/grey)

Take 1 of the pair of stickers for each Platoon and label the appropriate drawer with it (German Platoon in German storage, US in US), you can save the other sticker on the sheet or put it on the other side of the drawer 🙂 Minimum size on the sticker sheets, so you got a pair of these rather than the single sticker you actually need.

Each platoon goes in its drawer, hold the SS Dagger and its marker aside, those Customizations are about to get what's coming to them.


You can use one of your German drawers to store all the Customizations. The sticker for that matches the German coloration, after all. So all those things you have been setting aside now have a home. Use the Magnifier sticker from the Omaha sheet.

You can use the extra drawer to start differentiating your stuff, or perhaps use the faction stickers with the medal as storage for Characters to help thin things out. That moves them out of the Command drawer. It is up to you which way you want to play that.

The Other Stickers?

Save all the rest of the stickers. If you decide to pick up more expansions, then as your collection grows the generic recruitment options may not all fit in one drawer, then you can pick up some extra storage and split them into different drawers:

Generic Gear (Crate)

Generic Infantry (Infantry Shield)
Generic Light Vehicles (Light Vehicle Shield)
Generic Heavy Vehicles (Heavy Vehicle Shield)

DPG included them here for your convenience. If you picked up any older V1 expansions with your pledge, then you may need them sooner, hope you picked up enough drawers!

The few remaining stickers (Command+Gear-Crate, the Logo+Gear-Crate) stickers for each faction hold onto for now. Hopefully you are getting an idea of the symbology here, so use them where you need them.

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Organizing your Big Red One pledge Posted on [30/05/2022] à 07:35

Updated the post with some more notes, and remembered to address the customizations.

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Remember: If you are not willing to shell your own position you are not willing to win!

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