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Original 88mm gun
Original 88mm gun Posted on [11/06/2022] à 17:13

Hi guys,

My buddy Rod was wondering where the original counter for the German 88mm gun and crew was released? Was it in the 1st edition core box set or an add on?

I know we are getting an 88mm gun (and Luftwaffe infantry) as add ons with the new CAEN kickstarter (I like that a lot)

Original 88mm gun Posted on [11/06/2022] à 17:24

If I remember correctly, the 88 came with the Michael Wittmann board and not in the original box set.

Hope this helps.

Original 88mm gun Posted on [12/06/2022] à 01:53

https://www.devil-pig-games.com/en/product/wittmanns-tigers/ it's even still availeble in the store

Be careful what you wish for, you might get it

Original 88mm gun Posted on [15/06/2022] à 16:25

Thanks guys, that was exactly what I needed to know



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