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Expansion Compatibility
Expansion Compatibility Posted on [15/06/2022] à 18:23

I own the BRO set of rules, including Bloody Omaha. I do not own any v1 products but would like to potentially buy some of the v1 expansions and would like to know if they are compatible with the BRO ruleset.

I did read the New Members Rules Versions thread, but that seems to be more geared with how v1 products work with the new rules, as opposed to the other way around. I do get the idea from that thread that the counters are compatible but I see some that I have no rules for, such as the triangular counters in the US 4th Armored Division expansion. Do I need to buy the Rules Compendium to get all the rules I need?

I am also wondering if the terrain for something like the Extra Terrain Set 2 or the River Set are 100% compatible as far as symbols on the terrain are concerned.

If it matters, the expansions I am really interested in are: Sainte Mere Eglise, Carentan, the terrain packs I mentioned above, and then any number of unit expansions, such as the US 4th Armored Division or the 1st SS Panzer Division.

Expansion Compatibility Posted on [15/06/2022] à 20:46

Indeed, all v1 products are compatible with the v2 rules.

Scénario pack contain their own proper rules and the terrain packs are fully compatible too.

I will advise you to better buy Pegasus Bridge than the River Set. With the three Scenario Packs you will get enough river tiles and some other bonuses.

Tou can buy the Compendium, it’s a beautiful book with lots of informations, but you can download a digital version on this website too.

Expansion Compatibility Posted on [15/06/2022] à 20:59

My 2 cents:

Each expansion contains the rules you need to play that expansion. So if you are interested in a particular expansion or two that is great, as you will get the rules with the purchase. Battlegrounds *may* not contain the terrain rules, but the terrain rules are still free overall through the downloads section on the website.

The compendium is a great resource if you are trying to use many of the older units, (point du hoc fire, FFI civilians, etc…), but it is not strictly required to play any sets. It is just helpful as a conglomeration of all the original concepts.

In my opinion the compendium is more valuable the more of the older material you own, so decide how you may.

Happy Gaming!

Expansion Compatibility Posted on [15/06/2022] à 21:11

Thanks for the info! Looks like I am going to have to spend some money!

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