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How to play the Suppurator????
How to play the Suppurator???? Posted on [14/06/2014] à 18:13


I understand that the gear token shows one Suppurators and there is only one

change reality counter.

The rule book shows TWO Suppurators. But booth cost 15 Points – so what is correct ❓ ❓ ❓

How to play the item?

The rules says the following:

This option grants you 2 Suppurator tokens.

Instead of firing, a unit can use the Suppurator to

remove a slice of reality. Place the token on the

chosen space, adjacent to the unit. The token replaces the nature of the space.

-> So far I understand the rules, apart from the 2 tokens 😉

Units inside the space aren’t affected.

Being on the changed space, crossing it

or firing through it, requires a Terror test

if the active unit has Suppressed tokens.

-> I do not understand this. Are units in the space itself affected or not 🙄 ❓ ❓

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