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FAQ: Zone of Control for Vehicles [Official]
FAQ: Zone of Control for Vehicles [Official] Posted on [24/08/2022] à 22:52

This should have been in the BRO rules from the start, but there was a compatibility issue with some stuff in the Compendium, so some clumsy mechanics were left in the rulebook.

however we now have wording that clarifies things a bit more without breaking older units:


A Vehicle does not have a ZoC. However, some Vehicle Special Abilities use the term "ZoC" to limit their effect to adjacent squares.

Vehicles are not affected by the ZoC of enemy Infantry Units.

That avoids trying to define the ZoC of a vehicle as a ZoC that:

a) Does not control enemy movement, and

b) Is not removed by Suppressed markers.

Basically, the new wording clarifies the mechanics in the Compendium already but simpler and hopefully easier to remember.

There are a few Vehicle Special Abilities (Munitions Carrier (Comp, P.43), Mortar Carrier (Comp, P.50), and SdKfz 251/7 (Comp. P.50 and the upcoming BP#3 P.12) that all use the ZoC to define where they can have an affect, which basically means "the adjacent spaces around the vehicle".

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