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SCENARIO BOOK ERRATA & MISPRINTS Posted on [22/09/2022] à 22:57

I found misprints and errata in the rules of the italian version of the core box I just bought.

They are in the 1st scenario setup and playthrough of itself.

Here comes the list of them:

A) page 11 – it is shown the defense of Sgt Vorolanus but the correct number is 6 and not 5 as it appears in the formulas, that have also a very bad result… At least, the person which did the calculations needs really serious refreshing in base maths… Since the last formula depicted is 5+1=7 (my Gosh!!!).

B) the order markers appearing in the images are all messed up: in two or three images, depicting the same turn, are posed firstly on a certain mix of units, and then, in the other images of the same turn explanation… Thry do appeared upon different units !!! It is kinda misleading. Correct that. Thanks.

C) at the very start of the match setup (1st scenario) there is reported that order markers have been posed upon the "hidden side" of the marines troops… But, unfortunately, the tactical squads do NOT have such side.

Or was the scenario firstly designed to be played by using the Scouts squads? Someone can tell me sonething relating to this misprinted "setup directions"?!? Thanks in advance.

D) the scenario 1 setup – it is depicted (for the Marines) the Solinus' Sergeant/team but the wording (in italian) refers to Vorolanus, as it is into the images of the relative pages too… All depicting Vorolanus and his tactical team.

E) scenario 1 -MAP- THE TILES DEPICTED ARE LABELLED A1 AND F1, instead of being labelled correctly (C1-A and C6-A)… To be rectified in the newest reprintings.

If you also found such mic of errors and errata, share it…

Italian SCENARIO BOOK ERRATA & MISPRINTS Posted on [26/09/2022] à 18:55

Turns out that is a licensed version.

But for any errors, you are going to have to ping the publisher.

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