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[Outdated] Errata 6/23/14 errors
New Errata 6/23/14 error Posted on [23/06/2014] à 19:22

The FFI counter Heroic is misspelled. You have it "Eroic".

Nice job on the counters, and thanks for doing these.

New Errata 6/23/14 error Posted on [23/06/2014] à 22:35

I only see that working fro the FFI hero… it will just get the rest shot at faster, unless of course if they are the Communist Resistance from 'allo allo'

Be careful what you wish for, you might get it

New Errata 6/23/14 error Posted on [26/06/2014] à 13:52

The last typo in the file is the opposite side of Mechanisierte.

So you can print it, the issue with Mechanisierte is only "254" instead of "251".

Of course, the future punchboard will be without this typo ^^

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New Errata 6/23/14 error Posted on [26/06/2014] à 13:54

Ah if there's still time to make corrections for the errata sheet:

Lt Rays wounded side has the "killed on wound" icon hidden partly by the yellow border.

New Errata 6/23/14 error Posted on [26/06/2014] à 14:10

Also! More importantly;

G. Braun (German army box, comes with the Granatwerfer Gruppe) isn't included in the errata sheet.

At the moment he cannot be killed (has "flip-when-wounded" icon, and concealed on the other side).

He also doesn't have the ambush skill, even though he has an concealed side. This might be intentional since he could be deployed concealed, but could also be a mistake.

This is a big issue, and should be included in the errata.

New Errata 6/23/14 error Posted on [26/06/2014] à 14:21

Another minor error that has been found was;

Commonwealth, Command: "Air strike +1" token has "Smoke X3" on the other side.

Commonwealth, Command: "Smoke X3" token has "Air strike +1" on the other side.

Not major in my opinion, but since other similar issues have been fixed, its weird that this wasn't also.

New Errata 6/23/14 error Posted on [29/06/2014] à 00:20

Also, shouldn't Stummel (SS punchboard) have an limited arc of fire to something like 90 degree? If yes, then it also should be on errata punchboard.

New Errata 6/23/14 error Posted on [01/07/2014] à 12:44

Any updates here, especially on officer Braun ?

I know that getting extra FFI as a bonus is very nice touch, but if there are more and important mistakes to fix, it would be propably better to put them on errata punchboard instead of FFI.

New Errata 6/23/14 error Posted on [01/07/2014] à 19:00

I totally agree Reid. The ffi is a nice treat but there are other errata that could be replaced and the ffi put on a smaller promo board like the two heroes that were recemtly sent out.

To add'to the list of missing errata, Bill Millen from the commonwealth has bad artwork on the reverse. Not an essential fix but I would prefer it to the ffi.

New Errata 6/23/14 error Posted on [01/07/2014] à 19:24

Yeah, I agree. I much prefer as many fixed tokens as possible, even if it means I won't get any new extras with the errata board.

I understand that they concentrate on game changing mistakes, and not replacing every cosmetic problem. Personally I think that's also a miss, since I prefer my counters error free, even if it isn't game changing (thinking about counters with special abilities printed on top of other special abilities for example).

But Braun actually lost me my second custom game. I had him deployed defending their objective as a last barrier between them and the objective. I calculated that they should at most, only be able to deal one damage to him before the game would be over, and therefore block them from the objective [unless cards were played].

We all had quite the shock when they did the one damage and flipped him over just to notice he actually dies from one wound and not two as the front suggests.

These kinds of mistakes leaves a sour taste in the players mouths ;P

New Errata 6/23/14 error Posted on [04/07/2014] à 15:26

No problem, but i have many others thing to do this last days.

About Braun, he is on the errata list. it's yann and Clem that choose which errata will be in the punchboard and actually they are on the SoN KS. So, for now, i can't give you more.

The Stummel is effectively an error.

About what is in the errata punchboard, at the departure, we think that all fit in ONE punchboard. Now, all fit in 2 punchboards, that isn't the same thing in cost production for us !!!! So, that's why you haven't a final decision for now.

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New Errata 6/23/14 error Posted on [06/07/2014] à 14:45

I must agree that it's not really good idea to put some special unit (FFI) on punchboard instead put there all corrected tokens. And i understand that there is difference between one and two errata punchboards – but on the other side, customers want error free game, since they paid for it.

New Errata 6/23/14 error Posted on [06/07/2014] à 17:53

The absence of arc of fire.

I would like to know how many games with as such material as HoN are error free and how many game editors propose ways to replace game errors the cheapiest possible. I think there is some but not such.

We try to have the best balance between the customer wants (all free for a part) and the need for an enterprise to exist. I think some people forgets this.

I don't affirm we take the best decision, but we try to.

So, with the errata punchboard, we study the best way, but it's not an easy choice.

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New Errata 6/23/14 error Posted on [10/08/2014] à 18:06

Nobody says it should be completely error free – but if you have errors you have to fix them. ALL of them (maybe then you realize just how many there are). I have yet found myself able to play this game for which I have payed 90€ because I don't want to go through every errata on every site. If DPG would just go ahead and write a file that says what to watch out for, and what has been fixed that would be nice. Also: If you fix something, there shouldn't be new errors on it!

New Errata 6/23/14 error Posted on [28/08/2014] à 10:25

I will made this file, it's on my TO DO list, between many other things more or less important.

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