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[Collected] GE Armybox: Sturmpioniere errors?
Sturmpioniere errors? Posted on [23/06/2014] à 23:53

I think that after examining punchboards I've 2 more errors:

1. OB OTHMAN – his combat bonus against heavy vehicles is X. Should it be 0 to be consistent with other Sturmpioniere infantry ? Also his US counterpart LT RAY has also 0 against Heavy Vehicles.

2. Position token (sandbags in open field) – it doesn't have restriction "Impassable by light vehicles" icon.

Sturmpioniere errors? Posted on [24/06/2014] à 18:36

1 – You are right. It's a new mistake, you are the first to see it. Bravo 😉

2 – Some defensive positions have a lost symbol on it. Every sandbags have this restriction !

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