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[Suggestion] Errata Stickers?
Stickers? Posted on [25/06/2014] à 09:06

I'm wondering that maybe would be possible to produce stickers to cover all small mistakes that occur on some tokens/counters f.e. missing elements on some sandbags, or arrows in river set buildings and so on.

It is probably cheaper that making new set of counters, beside that on sheet you can fit more of them,

because you don't need to cover whole token/counter but only its part or symbol only (if missing).

Stickers? Posted on [25/06/2014] à 14:46

It's quite easy to print and cut supplied pdf and glue the corrected part on the token, too. Isn't it? … 😉

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Stickers? Posted on [27/06/2014] à 15:11

How about a full sticker of what ever tile side is messed up? That way I don't have to cut and glue.

Stickers? Posted on [27/06/2014] à 23:52

Very good idea this!

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Stickers? Posted on [28/06/2014] à 08:32

Well, once there is a PDF that can be done… there are several companies that make A5 – A4 and A3 size label sheets. use that to print the PDF on. If you don't like the quality of an inkjet printer (what most people who own a printer will have), a lot of copy shops have laser color printers, just take the PDF on a memory stick or something with you.

I'm just not sure how long the stickers will last. We did something similar at work with misprinted labels and after a while the fix stickers started to peel of.

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