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Factions? Posted on [10/07/2014] à 01:37

I do not yet have a lot of information on the A!C universe.

I would love to hear from those with more understanding of the A!C world and its factions. Are the Deep Ones allied with either the Axis or the Allies? How closely tied are the Black Sun to the regular Nazi cause? If there are multiple conflicting factions that opens the potential for at least 3-way battles. That would have an interesting effect on the number of turns and the turn track I would think.

Could cause a rewrite of the multiplayer rules if that is the case.

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Factions? Posted on [10/07/2014] à 19:56

Basically and for now…


– Majestic (US) very well equiped and unlimited budget.

– Section M (UK) experienced Mythos fighters


– Black Sun (nazis dark sorcerers)

– Nachtwolfe (nazis hightech fanatics)

– Secret War (nazis cultist soldiers created by the Nachtwolfe, work with Nachtwolfe and/or Black Sun)

Mythos (independant but can join Axis occasionnaly)

– Deep Ones

– Mi-Go

Other factions could join the fight.

Factions? Posted on [10/07/2014] à 20:18

Oh, as my first post here, I can answer those! 😀

The Deep Ones are, as the expansion shows, basically in it for themselves and their gods. The do, however, occasionally ally themselves with Black Sun. In one of the RPG scenarios (Heroes of the Sea), Black Sun attempt to cause even more havoc at Dunkirk with the aid of Deep Ones.

The Allies have two agencies, Section M and Majestic. Section M is a branch of SoE that deals with the weird; Majestic is their US counterpart.

There are two rival factions within the German ranks. Most people have never heard of them, but those that have fear them and rarely mention their names. Black Sun tend to practice magic and dark rituals with little care as to who they kill in the process. Black Sun tend to be more academics, mages and cultists.

There is another organization that broke off from Black Sun called Nachtwolfe, who experiment with ancient atlantean technology to create weird and wonderful ways of killing people, including creating supersoldiers (stalkers) and abominations such as Der Drauger, a creature formed of multiple corpses reanimated into an unholy nightmare.

I don't see Section M or Majestic fighting each other, unless there is a secret agenda or artifact that they don't want to come to light. Regular German forces would, I imagine, be only too happy to kill Black Sun or Nachtwolfe if they saw what they do and got the chance. Likewise, if killing of regular german forces meant raising some evil, I'm sure Black Sun would be more than willing. Nachtwolfe would probably be happy to test new experiments on regular german forces too. There is also no love lost between Nacthwolfe and Black Sun…

So basically this gives you the opportunity to do Allies Vs Deep Ones Vs Regular German forces Vs Nachtwolfe Vs Black Sun if you really wanted to 🙂

Factions? Posted on [10/07/2014] à 20:22

Oh, I forgot the Mi-Go. They will fight anyone and anything. I'm sure there will be the occasional reason for them to be found working with Black Sun or Nachtwolfe; probably using them to mine the resources they want.

Factions? Posted on [11/07/2014] à 16:18

hi guys, we'll also have the following factions:

Majestic – They're better funded and have more equipment (and specialist knowledge thanks to the Miskatonic university) but are more reliant on their British counterparts for experience in the field

Section M- funded on a shoestring, made up of those who had the ill fortune to encounter the mythos on the battlefield and survive, Section M struggles to stem the tide of chaos caused by Black Sun and Nachtwolfe (let alone everyone else!). With ancient institutions to call upon, relics of the past and good old British invention, they manage to find a way to fight back.

Cultists of the Old Gods – they serve far more ancient masters than the Third Reich and are looking to fulfil their own dark purposes. Calling on allies and servitor races from across the Mythos the Cultists have access to a lot of power.

Nachtwolfe – generally work alongside the traditional German armed forces, if they were to fight anyone it would most likely be the Allies or Black Sun who they mistrust – there is (as always) great rivalry between them and Black Sun. They're obsessed with ancient Atlantean research and technology, and are developing advanced equipment based on their discoveries.

Black Sun – Their forces will be made up of creatures – Servitors, Servitor Overlords, allied Mythos races (often temporary alliances) and led by the Canons and Masters' who wield terrifying power on the battlefield. They will summon zombies or vast monstrosities to do their bidding. Accompany them often will be the gasmasked soldiers of Black Sun – no one knows much about them except for the awful symbol they wear – the Secret War symbol is seen in many places in the Achtung! Cthulhu books and art.

Deep Ones – Majestic believe they are working towards a specific purpose, that the raids on coastal settlements and naval bases are more than just random reprisals for the destruction caused by our maritime battles. It seems Black Sun have managed to make limited alliances with them but at least one pitched battle suggests they're not in the pay of the Third Reich just yet, but make no mistake they are formidable as a force.

Mi-Go Expedition – Travelling from off world, these insidious insectile creatures seem to be searching for something on our world. Occasionally allying with Nachtwolfe or found enslaved by Black Sun these highly advanced aliens are, luckily, limited in numbers but more than capable of defeating us should they turn to their attention from the task at hand.

If you want to read more about the organisations I'd suggest picking up a copy of the Keeper's Guide to the Secret War in PDF or Print:



http://www.modiphius.com – Home of Achtung! Cthulhu

Factions? Posted on [11/07/2014] à 20:35

Hmmm… Deep ones raiding along the cost gives me some interesting ideas for cross-over scenarios.

The St. Nazaire raid could have both HoN and SoN cross-over using the same maps 😀

Same thing could hold for Dieppe. There is some interesting evidence that has come to light pointing to Dieppe being a diversion raid put together by Ian Flemming (!) as cover for an attempt by British Intelligence to grab updated code books and the updated Enigma machine. Same sort of scenario could also be used for SoN with the Deep ones raiding for something.

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