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Proofing the English version Posted on [10/07/2014] à 22:05

I commented on this over at the KS, but figure it would be worth a try to bring up the subject here and see if we can start a conversation.

Assuming the SoN rules are translated with some lead time before they have to go to the printer, I would love to take a read through them (especially now that I have a better grasp on HoN) and see if I can help point out areas to clarify before the text has to go to the printers. I do not know French, but would love to give the rules a once-over to see if we can identify issues ahead of time. That way maybe we can skip 1.1 version at least at first.

I don't mean this as any sort of knock against the original translator, rules can be hard to write in the first place never mind difficult to then translate and retain full and correct meaning. Just want to offer to lend a hand.

I am sure as an American there are many from the UK that would argue I do not speak English correctly either 😉

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Translation Posted on [10/07/2014] à 22:41

Too true, mate. You ain't writing English proper there.

Your proposal is, however, rather spiffing, what!?

Translation Posted on [11/07/2014] à 10:04

The question is : english or american ? You have the same language but don't speak is the same manner. I seem to see the French and Quebec 😀

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Translation Posted on [11/07/2014] à 15:47

As long as you don't ask a UK guy to do the French. It'll inevitably end up a bit 'Allo, 'Allo.

Translation Posted on [11/07/2014] à 18:15

Quote from Archonsod on [11/07/2014] à 15:47It'll inevitably end up a bit 'Allo, 'Allo.

Now there is a set of tokens waiting to happen!

We tried explaining 'Allo 'Allo to a French friend… he was very confused.

Translation Posted on [12/07/2014] à 01:29

If you refer to the Britcom, it's quite unknown in France…so… :mrgreen:

I'm French and sure may be confused too… 😉

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Translation Posted on [16/07/2014] à 20:50

getting back on topic, Nostradunwich does raise a valid point.

Having worked in the translation industry for the past 30 years 😯 it is best practise that once the initial translator has finished their work, that a second linguist looks at the text. This second linguist will have a brief to check for any mistakes that may have crept in – everyone mistakes make. They will also be asked to ensure that the text "reads" well and they really must be a native of the language being translated into, so for a translation into English they should be English and ideally live in Britain (or America). In the case of a set of rules, like these, that the original meaning of the rules is expressed clearly.

Not volunteering for this one, my French is not even close to being good enough.


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Translation Posted on [17/07/2014] à 04:08

Actually, I would not make it a requirement that a proofreader actually be in an English speaking country. I have worked with a couple of ex-pat Americans that now work in France. They have a native grasp of English and a very good working grasp of Francais. That would be the best option 🙂

Sadly, they are not gamers, so I am not sure they would be the best choice for proofing a rulebook.

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Translation Posted on [17/07/2014] à 08:10

Thanks all, we don't need a translator, we have already one 😉

BUT, as i say yesterday in french, and now in english, I will need a little group of person that I will choose to consolide rules (HoN and SoN).

So, I will return to you when I need it 😉

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