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Welcome, Introduce yourself
Welcome Posted on [29/05/2013] à 14:19

If you want to introduce yourself and talk about you, here’s the place dedicated to…

Welcome Posted on [30/05/2013] à 20:03

Great to see forums up and running.

Hopefully a beginning of a great community!

Welcome Posted on [31/05/2013] à 01:44

Hello all. I’m glad to see this part of the game live. Now if I can find the patience to wait for my KS to arrive. 😎

Welcome Posted on [31/05/2013] à 02:36

I cannot wait for this game to ship. I hope we get a ton of updates in the meantime.

Welcome Posted on [31/05/2013] à 07:48

Good moaning, all you little piggies


Welcome Posted on [31/05/2013] à 07:51

Hi from Yorkshire in the UK. Is it just me or does September seem so far far away…. I can’t wait!

Welcome Posted on [31/05/2013] à 07:51

Now that the core game box is finalized, we are able to post updates more often.

Welcome to all of you and thank you again for your support !


Welcome Posted on [31/05/2013] à 08:09

Good morning to all of the European fans! Most of us Americans are probably still sleeping.

My dream date? A Heroes of Normandie convention. Why do you ask?

Welcome Posted on [31/05/2013] à 08:37

Hi bakers.

You made the good choice in supporting Devil Pig 😀

Welcome Posted on [31/05/2013] à 08:43

Hi folks,

warm greetings from a rainy Vienna, Austria. Glad to be here, impatiently craving for updates, pics, rules,….


Welcome Posted on [31/05/2013] à 09:06

Greetings from a hot and sunny Manchester!

Really looking forward to getting hold of this game.


Welcome Posted on [31/05/2013] à 09:50

Hi to all friends of HoN from Crete!

I am so excited about this project.

I am fan of WW2 tactical games and this one combines the beauty of minis and counters chits with elegant rules.

Welcome Posted on [31/05/2013] à 10:33


Another Yorkshire person here, based in York, although not a Yorkshireman as such (only lived here 30 odd years). Looking forward to getting the game and hoping that we can get a good community going here.



Welcome Posted on [31/05/2013] à 10:43

Great to see a Forum up, while I’m not the most avid poster I think they can be a great place especially for a game as anticipated as this. Really looking forward to the KS and hearing what everyone thinks and does with their games.

Meanwhile hello from WeeGamers.eu in Ireland 🙂

Welcome and lets talk tanks Posted on [31/05/2013] à 12:18

Great to see the board up : its 4:30 am in California

I am really looking forward to this game if its a hit, I am crossing my fingers the Battle of the Bulge, Arnhem, Sicily, the Africa Corps and even the Russian front might come into our sights one day.

1 Will there be cards (or other methods) for calling in artillery and air strikes ? A chance of airstrikes hitting friendly troops is historic since happen the Normandy campaign. Naval gunnery should be pre plotted for landing scenarios

Elite formations and tanks grab you eyes but there should be room for the plain to show the highs and lows of war.

2: Tanks and halftracks and jeeps have a lot of flash but a staff cars (German), trucks and motorcycles (both sides but the Germans are famous for side cars) have their place too, hope there is room for them. The Germans even used pedal bikes and had a Bike Brigade. Then there where the static divisions one of which had a large numbers Russian prisoners.

3: Camouflage, the Germans were noted for it, the Americans got better over time but it camouflage it primarily used on the defense. Hiding part of a smaller force can increase it effectiveness and add tension to a scenario.

4 Tanks should easier to hit from the sides, bigger target than the front of the vehicle. Vehicles should be harder to hit if they are moving near full speed but then they will have trouble hitting anything beyond short range. Smaller vehicles Hetzers, jeeps, ect. should get a harder to hit bonus

5. The mark IV panzer for what I can see on the screen, it looks like the side armor value is higher than the front value, the front was 30 mm the side where 20 mm. The sides did have skirts but they worked best against bazooka fire the where much less effective when facing armor piercing cannon fire. The rear was 20 mm with no skirts, the engine could slow some shots but a hit in the rear should most likely be a kill or movement kill unless it hits the back of the turret.

Back to more pressing matters good night are or day where ever you are


Welcome Posted on [31/05/2013] à 13:01

Greetings from Canada

I backed 2x almost everything in the Kickstarter as this game has interested me since the round print and play demo. The newer demo is already a step up and the pictures being released of official units are great. Not only will I be playing HoN, but the tokens will be my entrance into Flames of War. Quite a few people around here play so I will slowly pick up some of those models and transition from 2D to 3D when I get my Kickstarter product.

If anyone else is in the GTA and wants to try out this game if you haven’t backed (or have and can’t find players,) give me a shout.


Welcome Posted on [31/05/2013] à 13:06

Hello from Rio de Janeiro , Brazil !

I was once a Memoir 44 fan , but the lack of depth made me abandon the game.

I am almost sure that HoN will fill the gap nicely !

I hope your guys are planing a campaign mode for this game. It deserves it .

Thanks and keep the good work , boys !

Jesus is the light of world .

Welcome Posted on [31/05/2013] à 13:18

Hello from Brussels and I’m very much looking forward to getting and playing the game. I’ve been incredibly impressed by the graphics I’ve seen so far and the potential scope for expansion to other theatres of the war.

Welcome Posted on [31/05/2013] à 13:33

Hello from Alcalá de Henares, Spain! I hope to get a great community here.

Welcome Posted on [31/05/2013] à 14:43

Hello all,

Greetings from Vernon, BC, Canada 😀

Have a good day, eh!

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