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Welcome, Introduce yourself
Welcome Posted on [31/05/2013] à 15:52

Hello everybody, nice to have you here. This is the begining of a great community i hope !

To Randy : You didn’t check well the Panzer IV defense values. It’s 9 for front, 7 for sides and 6 for back. See ? we did our homeworks 😉

We don’t have special rules for difficulty to hit linked to speed but it’s taken into account in the fast vehicles defense value.

But no more rules chat here. Create threads to talk about specific points and i’ll check the forum everyday and try to answer to all of you. I said "try"…


Welcome Posted on [01/06/2013] à 12:03

hi there,

greetings from switzerland.

as everone here, i cant wait to hold it in my hands. what realy got me, was the intended mix of tactical wargame and moviestyle heroics.. and the zombies. and walking tanks (dust).

maybe we could get just one single zombietoken to hug until release? even one to print ourselfs? clem? 😀

Welcome Posted on [01/06/2013] à 12:16

Greetings from Malaysia….

Eagerly waiting for the game, glad to see this community growing…

Welcome Posted on [01/06/2013] à 21:25

Hi all,

Looking forward to this one… I’m from northern California and I also can’t wait till September…lol!


Welcome Posted on [02/06/2013] à 09:59

Another hello from Yorkshire, I’m also in York and also not a Yorkshireman. Only been here 2 years this time around but studied and lived here in the 80’s.

I’m currently not gaming as much as I would like but old age is catching up with my sporting ambitions so I am planning for my "retirement" with HoN and, once my weekends are free, Beyond Monopoly…


Welcome Posted on [02/06/2013] à 10:00

Sorry for the double post but meant to suggest to Clem that you "pin" this thread, that way it will always appear at the top of the thread list even if it is not the latest post.

Welcome Posted on [02/06/2013] à 12:55

It would be a great idea… But i don’t know how to "pin" it 😳

Welcome Posted on [02/06/2013] à 13:09

It would be a great idea… But i don’t know how to "pin" it 😳

To be franck, I would have also moved the topic in the "General" section

Welcome Posted on [02/06/2013] à 18:10

It would be a great idea… But i don’t know how to "pin" it 😳

Try this, hopefully it will work for this version of phpBB


Also you need the correct permissions to see the option:

Question: How can I allow my moderators to create sticky or announcement topics?

Answer: Sticky and announcement permissions are in forum permissions. Assigning a "Full Access" forum role will allow them to make stickies and announcements.

Welcome Posted on [02/06/2013] à 18:44

Hi all

Good to see the forum up and running.

I’m lee Lowe on kick starter, look forward to chatting to you all more as things progress and if you fancy a game and are near Norwich uk let me know!

Aftermath Gaming Club and Diceni

Welcome Posted on [04/06/2013] à 16:33

Hi there,

Greetings from France!

Glad to see that the HoN community is growing.

Looking forward for this game and having a blast in Normandy !!! 👿

« Si je connaissais l’con qu’a fait sauter le pont !!! »

Welcome Posted on [23/09/2013] à 17:33

Well, I’ve finally got around to joining the Forum. Looking forward to receiving Heroes and spending much time with my twin brother (and anyone else I can get interested) fighting in the Bocage. Till then, cheerio from sunny California!

Is it getting solipsistic in here, or is it just me?[/color:bqrzmzhk][/b:bqrzmzhk]

Welcome Posted on [25/09/2013] à 13:16

Hello all, I signed up for this kickstarter the second I saw the amazing illustrations, but I’ve only just got around to signing up for the forum.


P.S. I’m located across the pond near Toronto, Canada

Welcome Posted on [25/09/2013] à 17:11

Welcome onboard !!!

Welcome Posted on [26/09/2013] à 11:55

Welcome to the late-comers. Neil, where you from? There is a large supply of cardboard coming my way in Brampton. We should play come landfall.

Welcome Posted on [27/09/2013] à 14:53

Welcome to the late-comers. Neil, where you from? There is a large supply of cardboard coming my way in Brampton. We should play come landfall.

Hi xKoBiEx

I’m actually just down the road in Georgetown, do you ever make it out to the Comic Warehouse?

Welcome Posted on [29/09/2013] à 10:15

Hello and welcome to every one !

Welcome Posted on [29/09/2013] à 19:09

I play MTG Limited events at Comic Warehouse, yeah.

Welcome Posted on [31/01/2014] à 22:35

Hello all. Welcome to the new site'

Welcome Posted on [31/01/2014] à 22:44

The new site is looking real nice.

Can't wait for the game to arrive but hopefully the chat here will keep me going!

Go to it!

“Gentlemen, do not be daunted if chaos reigns; it undoubtedly will.” Brigadier James Hill

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