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Achtung Cthulhu
Achtung Cthulhu "Something Smells" Questions Posted on [21/08/2014] à 02:00

Played through the first scenario from the Pdf – it was fun, Americans nearly made it …

Some questions:-

1) On Boelter's recruitment tile, there are 2 red X squares (which means normally that if 2 units are killed that tile is "broken" & you lose the star order). So does this mean that Boelter must always make sure that there is at least ONE zombie unit "alive" at all times otherwise he loses orders? So if one is "killed" he MUST cast raise zombies in the next turn?

2)On the scenario layout, the two broken wall sections of the graveyard are marked as "authorised passage". Is this scenario dependant or should it be always the case? I'm thinking the latter because the dark lines surrounding the walls end at the collapsed sections. This also implies that you can only move straight through these spaces & NOT diagonally because this would be blocked by the wall depiction?

3)Following that, the graveyard's main gate depicts access arrows. This is accessible in this scenario, yes? The access arrows for the collapsed wall openings implied to me for some reason that ONLY those were available for this scenario – I may have got this all wrong?

4)The rule for the Suppurator has the line "Units inside the space aren't affected". This is contradicted by the next line, so should the first line be removed?



Achtung Cthulhu Posted on [28/08/2014] à 11:59


1) You are wrong, you don't lose the star provided by the officer if you reach the breaking point of the recruitment tile. You lose this order token only if your officer is killed.

2) It's a know error. The files sent to the printer was wrong, the 2 white quadruple arrows must be added. So, you can enter in the cemetary from the 3 spaces to the first space in this location.

3) You are wrong (so are we).

4)No, it's only ambiguous … When you are putting the suppurator token on the terrain tile, there is no change for the unit on. But, when the unit is activated, if it has suppressed marker on, the unit must do a terror test.

En recherche de stage maquettiste

Achtung Cthulhu Posted on [28/08/2014] à 12:17

Thanks Axel, All clear now:)

On the second game, US were victorious, helped by killing the PZGren. leader AND Boelter

…I was rolling comme un Hero! The reporter even took out a MG team that was foolishly moving about in the open!

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