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CW Armybox: Cromwell-MkVII has wrong designation
[nerd]Cromwell-MkVII has wrong designation[/nerd] Posted on [17/09/2014] à 00:24

Putting on my WWII nerd hat for a bit, I am going to point out a generally unimportant-to-gameplay error on the Cromwell-MkVII… it should be either the MkVI or the MkVIII 🙂 Given the armor and time frame, I think it should likely be the MkVI.


The info there is backed up by other sources (Osprey and others) and it indicates the Howitzer was installed on the MkVI and the MkVIII. The MkVII had the 75mm cannon on it but upgraded armor, wider tracks, and an additional gearbox. The MkVIII had the gun of the MkVI but the same upgrades as the MkVII.

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[nerd]Cromwell-MkVII has wrong designation[/nerd] Posted on [17/09/2014] à 12:08

field retrofit? 😆

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