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Custom Unit creation help
Custom Unit creation help Posted on [26/03/2015] à 12:11

I have permission from Clem to help out others with creating their own custom units, etc for HoN. I can send Photoshop files you can use as templates for you own creations.

Things you need to know.

1: You need Photoshop CS 6 or better, CC 2014 is best. The files are not compatible with older versions, or most free software alternatives.

2: You need to know a good bit about PS and especially layer styles. I work in CC and my files appear very complex to the beginner.

3: I'm not really available to teach anyone how to use PS.

4: I don't have templates for everything, so I may not be able to help with your specific project, sorry.

Please send me a private message here on the forums if you are interested. Let me know what you want to make and your email address, and I'll send you what I have that might help you.

One last thing, Recruitment Templates are the hardest thing for amateurs to recreate, I don't have many files to help out with those, and you should avoid them if possible.

Jeremiah “Miah999” Terry

Custom Unit creation help Posted on [27/03/2015] à 20:59

I'd love to take you up on this but as far as I'm concerned, photoshop is where I go to buy photos! I bow to your obvious talent!

Old boy back in the game!

Custom Unit creation help Posted on [27/03/2015] à 22:33


Jeremiah “Miah999” Terry

Custom Unit creation help Posted on [28/03/2015] à 01:32

Has anyone posted a tutorial for printing and mounting the home made tokens? I would love to make them look as much as possible like the tokens that came with the game. I have heard people using 1/8" cardboard or balsa wood. Where can it be purchased and how do you cut it properly? Can they be printed on a home printer or is it better to have them printed at a print shop? I have some crafting skills, but I would love to have some guidance on how to proceed. I would also love to see some posted examples of people's finished product. Thanks!!

Edit: Maybe it is better to buy some cheep punch boards or a second copy of the game and just sticker the original game tiles. That might work?

Custom Unit creation help Posted on [28/03/2015] à 03:12

There are several ways people have been making them.

I have been using 1 mm cardboard from an arts and crafts store that comes in 900 by 600 mm sheets for about 1.5 € per sheet, and print the vehicles on a laser color printer (more durable then regular inkjet) on either regular paper that I glue on the board with M3 display mounting glue (spray can), or print it on A4 stickers and put those on the board.

Then cut out with a steel ruler (with a plastic one it's likly you will cut the rules instead of the cardboard) and very sharp hobby knife and join both pieces with wood (white) glue.

This results in tokens that are aprox the same thicknes as the original DPG pieces and that don't wrap to bad.

will try to add some pictures or a link to a file with the pictures this weekend.

Be careful what you wish for, you might get it

Custom Unit creation help Posted on [28/03/2015] à 03:52

Thanks Tycoon!

Custom Unit creation help Posted on [28/03/2015] à 10:07

As soon as I get some new materials, I'll be posting up a step by step on how I make them.

Jeremiah “Miah999” Terry

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