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HoN: Pegasus Bridge Player Aid
HoN: Pegasus Bridge Player Aid Posted on [12/11/2015] à 14:10


I just got teh Pegasus Bridge Szenario Pack. Since I do not own the Commonwealth Army Box it instructs me on the back of the box to download the "Pegaus Bridge Player Aid" from this website. Unfortunately my interwebs skil seems to be inadequate and I was not able to find it 🙁

Can somebody point my nose to the proper download link?

Many thanks in advandce


HoN: Pegasus Bridge Player Aid Posted on [12/11/2015] à 14:42

There is no Player Aid but they probably mean

From Downloads –



and probably

CommenWealth Army rules (2 pages)


HoN: Pegasus Bridge Player Aid Posted on [12/11/2015] à 15:21

Hi Starman,

many thanks for the clarification.

I was hoping it would tell me someting about how to use the US card deck instead of the Commonwealth card deck (assuming, not knowing, that one is provided for the Brits in the Commonwealth Box).

Do I just use the US deck, then?

I did find the UK-Mistranslation and the CommenWealth Army rules though.



HoN: Pegasus Bridge Player Aid Posted on [12/11/2015] à 16:18

The US deck will work fine. The forces will not stop for tea, but that is not a game-play affecting issue.

The Commonwealth deck just has a slightly different "flavor" than the US deck. But the differences are 6 cards. The only cards keyed to provide a bonus or penalty to units are those for vehicles and they are in all the decks. 😉

There well may be a guide schedules, but there are a lot of documents on the queue. But the Commonwealth Rules from the Army Box will cover most of the special abilities unique to the Commonwealth forces but not covered in the Pegasus Bridge rules. Although I am not certain there are many, but in case I am mistaken the download is available.

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HoN: Pegasus Bridge Player Aid Posted on [12/11/2015] à 16:47

Hi thanks, very kind, and helfpul! But no tea, what a bummer 😮

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