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[Read Me!] Blast Template for Grenades missing from Shadows core box
Blast Template for Grenades missing from Shadows Over Normadie core box Posted on [13/11/2015] à 22:49

I would like to extend my apologies for anyone that bought SoN and does not have Heroes of Normandie, the punchboard images were presented for review and I failed to catch the fact that there was grenades but no blast template to go with them.

For now, you can download the Blast Template Game Help, which will at least give you a view of the template for reference. You must be logged in to download or you will get a pop-up written in French telling you do log in first. If you get a "you do not have permission" error, then try again at a later time. There is an intermittent but with downloads that the webmaster is working to resolve.

I will update this when I have more info from DPG.

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