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Mistakes vs new Errata punchboards
Mistakes vs new Errata punchboards Posted on [29/10/2016] à 11:56

I think that a huge work was put together in order to compile all the tokens with issues through the published material thanks to the [UNOFFICIAL] PRODUCT INDEX FOR HON.

Would it be possible to know exactly which of the tokens issues are addressed in the 3rd corrective punchboard, and map it against the issues reported?

Maybe it already exists somewhere but I haven t been able to find it.

When is this 3rd errata punchboard due to the market?



Mistakes vs new Errata punchboards Posted on [29/10/2016] à 17:05

At this point I only know of the picture the printer send DPG, no complete list of what exatly is on there. The only people outside DPG that might know are the few happy that got most of their wave 1 at Essen – that said , I'm not even sure Eratta 3 was part of that.

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it

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