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Ranged Attack and
Ranged Attack and Posted on [07/01/2017] à 13:41

Hi all,

I recieved my Game yesterday, played it and had much fun playing. So first of all, thank you for the great game.

We had a question: In our opinion the Rule you first have to eliminate all units in the Front Line before attacking the units in the Middle Line doesnt´t make sense regarding ranged attack.

Does the rule "Ranged Attack can attack any Army" also include that you can attack Units in the Middle Line and Rear Line as well with your ranged Attack?

To put it the other way: does the rule "You have to attack one Line after the other" only count on melee attack?

Thank you


(sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand my question and my problem 😳 )

Ranged Attack and Posted on [16/01/2017] à 14:06


The line after line attack is applied for ranged attacks also.

So melee, ranged and magic attacks have to clear an entire line before attacking units on another line, except if some special ability says otherwise (like elite).



Ranged Attack and Posted on [16/01/2017] à 15:03

He is right.

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